VOTD: 'Nerf John Wick' Lets The Foam Bullets Fly In The Most Badass Way

Gunplay was taken to an exciting new level with both John Wick and this year's outstanding sequel John Wick: Chapter 2. Not only is the choreography of the gunfights between Keanu Reeves and his enemies awesome, but the way they're shot is like a masterful dance through a battlefield of bullets. Some fans attempted to recreate that flawless action style, but they chose to simultaneously spice things up and dull them down by making the weapons slightly less deadly with Nerf guns.

Watch Nerf John Wick after the jump.

This video from Corridor is surprisingly well done. But if this is the first time you've heard of these guys, if you spend some time looking around their YouTube channel, you'll see that making intense Nerf was videos like this is their specialty. Previously they've recreated battles from video games like Team Fortess and Overwatch, as well as plenty of other videos using an arsenal of the soft dart weapons.

In addition to the amusement that comes from seeing cool action play out with Nerf guns instead of guns with blanks in them, the little tricks that our leading man does with the Nerf guns are just as cool as what Keanu Reeves does in John Wick. Plus, for anyone who has been out of the Nerf gun game as long as I have, you might be surprised to see just how awesome some of these weapons are.