'Green Lantern Corps' May Be Directed By David S. Goyer

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment already have Aquaman shooting this year, taking the December release date vacated by Avatar 2. But they also hope to have another piece of the DC Expanded Universe in front of cameras before the end of the year. One of the less likely options was Green Lantern Corps, a film that doesn't have a director (just like The Flash), but there may be one waiting in the wings.

A new rumor indicates that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice writer David S. Goyer, who is co-writing Green Lantern Corps with Justin Rhodes, might end up directing Green Lantern Corps. 

The Tracking Board reporter Jeff Sneider mentioned the Green Lantern Corps director possibility during a recent episode of Meet the Movie Press, the podcast that he co-hosts each week. Here's what Sneider had to say on the show:

"I'm hearing David Goyer could very well wind up directing Green Lantern Corps himself. When you look at screenwriters that are taking the plunge and directing these movies themselves, we saw rumors last month that Simon Kinberg was going to direct the next X-Men movie. David Goyer is responsible for this entire DC Universe, he wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He wrote Man of Steel, he is the architect, if you will. He is writing and producing Green Lantern Corps, so it's just very well, what I have heard, one of those situations where he could be like 'Listen, I think I may be the best guy for the job, nobody knows this like I do.'"

Though Goyer certainly has the right experience in the DC Expanded Universe, viewers who didn't like Man of Steel or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might not be happy with him directing Green Lantern Corps. Of course, that depends on whether you blame him or Zack Snyder for the direction that the DC Expanded Universe is taking.

Either way, Goyer's directing abilities leave something to be desired. Besides directing the poorly received horror thrillers The Unborn and The Invisible, he was also at the helm of Blade Trinity, widely regarded as being the worst in the franchise. Otherwise, more recently he's stuck to television by directing a couple episodes of Flashforward and Da Vinci's Demons. Still, you can't deny that his work as a comic book movie writer and producer in recent years does give him a little more credibility.

For now, consider this a rumor. But as Warner Bros. Pictures continues to sort out their motion picture slate for the DC Expanded Universe, we'll hopefully get some clarification on what's going on with Green Lantern Corps soon.