Bad To The Bone: 'The Death Squad' Features Some Of Cinema's Most Diabolical Villains [Video]

Sometimes it's good to be bad. A great villain can be harder to crack than a memorable hero. But throughout the history of cinema, there have been plenty of villains who have overshadowed their heroes, even if they ended up being defeated in the end.

Editor Cory Tucker has created a stylish, badass supercut called The Death Squad, featuring some of cinema's most iconic villains, from Darth Vader to The Joker to Voldemort, and brought them together in a supercut that shows some of the similarities in how these bad guys of the big screen are presented on film.

Watch the movie villains supercut after the jump.

There are more than 40 villains on display here, from the goofy and deadly (Tommy Le Jones as Two-Face in Batman Forever) to the mentally unnerving (Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining) to the instinctively monstrous (the iconic xenomorphs from the Alien franchise). No matter what kind of evil we're dealing with, these are the characters that change the game, or simply make up their own in which our heroes become ensnared.

The two sequences in the video I love are when we see a montage of villains screaming maniacally, followed by the series of clips featuring one of the bad guys facing off with their nemesis. This is a sleek, menacing video that reminds us of the great villains we've gotten over the years. this is just a handful of them too, so maybe we'll get a sequel to The Death Squad at some point. After all, if there's one thing that villains love to do, it's return when you least expect it.

Thanks to Film School Rejects for bringing this to our attention.