'Kong: Skull Island' Concept Art Features An Ape Who Was Almost More Of A Literal King

Kong: Skull Island landed the top spot at the box office this past weekend, and if you took the time to see the action adventure, you were treated to some stunning visuals and incredible monster movie action. Now you can see some of the concept art that inspired the gorgeous cinematography that brought Kong to life, and while many of the images ended up being perfectly recreated in the movie, there are a couple of interesting pieces that didn't make the cut.

Check out the Kong Skull Island concept art after the jump.

First up, here are some of the pieces by concept artist Eddie Del Rio of shots that can be seen in the movie:

As you can see, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts did an outstanding job of bringing this movie to life, with the keen eyes of cinematographer Larry Fong helping him out. Some of those shots even ended up being used as key images for the film's marketing.

But we're more interested in these two pieces of concept art (via io9):

Kong Skull Island Concept ArtKong Skull Island Concept Art

These images depict Kong as a true king on Skull Island. Not only does he have his own massive throne, but the indigenous people on this island worship him more directly for keeping them safe from the monsters who inhabit the rest of the island. One of the images even has this civilization and Kong inhabiting the same area as the throne. It looks like a location that could exists inside of a volcano, but that's just me making a guess.

I'm betting that having Kong appear more as a king would have made audiences less sympathetic to his plight. Even so, the image of him sitting on a throne and overlooking the people he protects is a cool one.

Anyway, if you didn't head out to the movies to catch the newest iteration of the classic movie monster King Kong, it's time to move that schedule around to make it happen. You can read my full review of the movie if you need anymore convincing. And you can also see more artwork from Eddie Del Rio over here.