Superhero Bits: Batman Hates Chocolate Ice Cream Origin, Valkyrie Details, Wonder Woman Poster & More

When can you see some new Wonder Woman footage? How did the "Batman hates chocolate ice cream" meme get started? How will Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok be different from the comics? Are there release dates for Gotham City Sirens, The Flash and Man of Steel 2 in place? Can we send Stan Lee some good vibes after canceling a convention appearance due to health concerns? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

The Dark Knight Storyboards - Party Scene

The party scene with Batman and The Joker in The Dark Knight

almost went differently

according to this storyboard.

Comic Book Resources counts through the greatest Marvel video games of all time.

Which one came out on top


Watch a trailer for All Time Comics, a superhero movie from the director of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" music video.


will start promoting their comic books

before Marvel Studios TV shows and movies to build readership.

Logan - Paradise Fan Art

One fan over at DeviantArt

created this image

of the escape that Logan and Professor X hoped they would have.

Heroic Hollywood has some suggestions about which comic book superheroes

deserve an R-rated film adaptation


Wonder Woman - Poster

A new Wonder Woman poster arrived new footage that will premiere during the Kids Choice Awards this weekend.

Joe Manganiello

hopes that his turn

as Deathstroke polarizes audiences whenever they get to see The Batman.

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Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

has announced their voice cast

and released the first images.

Where did the "Batman hates chocolate ice cream" meme come from?

Comic Book Resources explains it


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (Logan) in X-Men (2000)

Comic Book Resources runs through

15 ideas that were almost

part of the X-Men movie franchise at some point.

James Gunn talks about how each of the Guardians of the Galaxy

will have their own arc

in this summer's sequel.

Thor Ragnarok

Tessa Thompson

talks about this representation

of Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok will be different from the comics.

Upcoming DC Expanded Universe movies may be

employing flashforwards and flashbacks

in some of their movies.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Big Apple Comic Con has just been informed that due to health issues Stan Lee will NOTbe appearing at the convention Saturday March 11th or Sunday March 12th. Stan keeps to an amazing schedule and it seems to have taken its toll. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience but the show must go on. We are going to have a tremendous weekend loaded with great guests, exhibitors and events. For those wanting to purchase items autographed by Stan, the Stan Lee Collectibles booth will be in hand with a variety of signed items. Let's all wish Stan well and party like you know he wants us to! OUR REFUND POLICY: No refunds on admission tickets, but refunds/exchanges are available for those who purchased Stan Lee's autograph, photo ops, or the Swag Bag #bigapplecon #bigapplecc #StanLee #stanleebigapple #comiccon #comiccreators #badnews #convention #marvel

A post shared by Big Apple Comic Convention (@bigapplecon) on

Stan Lee has canceled his appearance at Big Apple Comic-Con due to health concerns. We hope he gets better!

New rumors

suggest possible release windows

for DCEU movies The Flash, Gotham City Sirens and Man of Steel 2.

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Arrow ArtFX Statue

If you're a fan of the Oliver Queen from The CW, then this Arrow TV series ARTFX+ statue

is the collectible for you


Mystique Mug

This Mystique mug allows the shapeshifting mutant from X-Men to

show up when warm liquid

is poured into it.

Batman - Tweeterhead - Catwoman


has released a variant

bust of their classic Catwoman from the Batman TV series if that's your thing.

Spider-Gwen Faux Leather Bag

Carry your stuff around with this Spider-Gwen

faux leather handbag

, complete with a cool little charm on the zipper.

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