Cool Stuff Print Edition: Star Wars, The Matrix, Skull Island, Rogue One, Beauty And The Beast

Cool Stuff is a regular feature where we take a look at the latest geeky collectibles, toys, and gear. It's your geekarific Holiday shopping guide published all year round.

In today's edition of Cool Stuff, we are looking at some of the current limited time pop culture screenprint offerings. Mondo is releasing three new Mike Mitchell Star Wars portraits, Timothy Anderson is releasing a Matrix-inspired sprint as part of his Sci-fi Landscape series, Mondo is also releasing a Kong: Skull Island print by Francesco Francavilla, Cyclop Print Works is presenting Be Our Guest: An Art Tribute To Disney's Beauty and the Beast with a bunch of prints including a beautiful one-sheet by Craig Drake., and Acme Archives has a bunch of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prints from Dan MumfordDave Perillo, and Arno Kiss.

Mike Mitchell Star Wars Portraits

In celebration of Mondo's STAR WARS x MIKE MITCHELL art gallery show opening up on March 9, they are releasing three new timed-edition Star Wars portraits in partnership with Acme Archives: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Tie Fighter Pilot. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Tie Fighter will be available as a timed-edition for 72-hours starting now March 9, through Sunday MArch 12 at 12 PM CST. Obi-Wan and the Tie-Fighter Pilot prints are 12" x 16" Giclees, Signed & Hand Numbered, printed by Static Medium. Available for $60 each and expected to ship in 8-10 weeks. Yoda is an 11"x14" Giclee Print, priced lower at $55.

ACME's Rogue One Prints

Acme Archives has also added a few new Star Wars prints focusing on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

  • "I Am One With The Force, The Force Is With Me" by Dan Mumford is a 250 piece 24" x 36" signed silk screen edition for $55. The yellow variant is limited to 100 prints and on sale for $60.
  • "Imperial Troops" by Dave Perillo is a 12" x 36" 295 piece signed silk screen edition for $50.
  • "Rebellion Rising" by Arno Kiss is a 200 piece silk screen edition 18" x 24" for $50.
  • "Immeasurable Power" by Arno Kiss is a 200 piece silk screen edition 18" x 24" for $50.
  • These prints will be available beginning March 10 at 11:00 am pacific on Dark Ink.

    Beauty And The Beast Prints

    Cyclops Print Works is doing an official art show with Disney to promote the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast movie coming out next week. The above art will be available as prints at the show, with a limited-amount available for pre-order on opening night. The online release will be on March 17, 2017, at 12:00 PM PST at

    Cyclops Print Works Print #64: Beauty and the Beast by Craig Drake

    Size: 20"x30"

    Limited-Edition of 200

    Technique: Serigraph | 23 Colors

    Features: Hand-Numbered | Metallic Inks | Authenticity Seal

    Paper: Strongstuff 320 gsm

    Printed by: Eclipse Workshop

    Officially Licensed by Disney

    The following are gicleé print info:

    As Old As Time by Xinwei Huang

    20"x16" gicleé. Signed/Numbered edition of 25

    And Love is Born (?????) by Eri Kamijo

    12"x16" gicleé. Hand-numbered edition of 25

    Her Journey by Milsae Kim

    17"x11" gicleé. Hand-Numbered edition of 25.

    Be Our Guest by Joey Chou

    Open Edition gicleé. 16"x20"

    The Enchanted Love by Joey Chou

    Open Edition gicleé. 16"x20"

    The Greatest Act of Love by Jisoo Kim

    8"x10" gicleé. Limited-Edition of 100

    Belle in the West Wing by Pernille Ørum

    9"x12" gicleé. Limited-Edition 25

    Beauty and the Beast by Alison Strom

    7"x12" gicleé. Limited-Edition of 25

    Winter's Rose by Annie Stegg

    12"x16" gicleé. Limited-Edition of 25

    Here are the event details:

    Be Our Guest: An Art Tribute To Disney's Beauty and the Beast

    Presented by: Disney Studios, Oh My Disney, Cyclops Print Works, and Gallery Nucleus.

    Show Dates: Saturday, March 11, 2017 – Sunday, April 2, 2017 (opening reception on Saturday, March 11th from 7-10 PM)

    Location: Gallery Nucleus 210 East Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801

    Artist list:

    Abigail L. Dela Cruz, Alex Ross, Alexander Lee, Alina Chau, Alison Strom, Amei Zhao, Andrea Fernandez, Annie Stegg, Benson Shum, Carrie Liao, Cécile Carre, Celine Kim, Corinne Reid, Craig Drake, Eliza Ivanova, Ellen Surrey, Eri Kamijo, Grace Kum, Ha Gyung Lee, Heather Theurer, Jackie Huang, Janice Chu, Jisoo Kim, Joe Dunn, Joey Chou, Jon Lau, Julieta Colás, Justin Gerard, Katie Huon, Keiko Murayama, Kristy Kay, Megan Woods, Milsae Kim, Pernille Ørum, Phillip Light, Sara Kipin, Sophie Li, Tara Nicole Whitaker, Tiffany Le, Trevor Spencer, Trungles, William Robinson, Xinwei Huang, Zoe Persico, Sandra Equihua

    the matrix

    Timothy Anderson's The Matrix

    Timothy Anderson is releasing a Sci-Fi Landscapes: The Matrix 36" x 12" 4-color screen print. Available on March 10, at noon EST.

    Francesco Francavilla's Kong: Skull Island Print

    Mondo is teaming with Legendary Art Series to release a new set of posters for Kong: Skull Island by Francesco Francavilla.

    With such an iconic character, we wanted to be sure we hired an artist who could meet the challenge. Francesco's work on these is a true testament to a lifelong love of the giant ape and we couldn't be happier with the final result. He really stepped up and delivered on the brief, rendering a hirsute majesty breaking through the clouds like a god. "I can safely say I am a life time fan of KING KONG. When I was offered the opportunity to draw the big ape on a poster for this new, badass edition, it really was a no brainer. We really wanted to play on the majesty, the gigantic size of Kong, so after a couple of layouts, I came up with him looming, reaching over the island – a little nod to the classic image of King King looming over NYC skyline. It helped that the movie has so much great visuals that I tried to implement in the layout." – Francesco Francavilla

    The Kong: Skull Island by Francesco Francavilla. 24"x36" screen print is a hand numbered edition of 335, available for $60. The variant is the same size, edition of 95, available for $85. The posters will be available March 10 at a random time via Folly Mondo on Twitter for the on sale announcement. I think I might like the variant more on this one.