'Logan' ADR Clip: Watch Hugh Jackman Intensely Grunt His Way Through An Action Scene

Hugh Jackman has just released a clip of him recording ADR for one of Logan's climactic action scenes, and watching the actor recreate the sounds of a melee fight scene is unlike anything I've seen before. You really should watch the Logan ADR clip embedded below.

Logan ADR Clip

After a film is edited, actors are usually brought back into a sound recording studio to redub some lines for better clarity (or even record newly written off-screen lines). This process is called ADR, which stands for automated dialogue replacement. We've seen footage from ADR recording sessions many times before in behind-the-scenes featurettes and documentaries, but usually in the context of a dialogue-focused scene.

But as I stated in the opening, I've never actually seen video footage of an actor recording ADR for a fight sequence. It's fascinating to see Hugh Jackman getting himself back in the intensity of the moment and re-recording all of those grunts in a sound recording studio.

For those of you who want to learn more about the ADR process, here is an excellent video on the subject from Filmmaker IQ:

The ADR recording process can be very similar to how voices are recorded for animated movies, although that medium allows characters to be reanimated to accommodate new dialogue, if needed. Hollywood usually has to go through expensive reshoots to accomplish that same thing. But sometimes, they get around that by having actors come in to simply perform new dialogue, which will be cut into the movie and will appear to be spoken off-screen.

And sometimes, actors have to come in and grunt their way through an action scene.