See Inside The Fake X-Men Comics Of 'Logan'

By now you've probably heard how great Logan turned out to be as the swan song for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. One of the film's strengths is how it basically stands on its own, making only passing references to events and characters from the previous films in the X-Men franchise. In fact, there's one element to Logan that makes it seem as if all the previous movies may just be exaggerated comic book fiction.

While Logan, Professor X and the young mutant experiment named Laura (aka X-23) are on the run from the dangerous foes of what few mutants are surviving in the world, we learn that the deadly little girl is a fan of X-Men comics. It's not unlike how Rey and Finn have heard about the stories involving the heroics of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Logan is quick to debunk the stories in the comics, but you can be the judge of that yourself by taking a look at some of their pages.

Check out the Logan X-Men comics created specifically for the film after the jump.

Artist Dan Panosian was tasked with creating some comic pages for Logan. Awhile back he posted the cover for The Uncanny X-Men that was featured in one of the trailers for the movie (as seen above):

Logan - Fake X-Men Comic

Now that the movie has been released, Panosian has revealed some of the inside pages he made as well:

Logan - Fake X-Men ComicLogan - Fake X-Men ComicLogan - Fake X-Men Comic

In this particular comic, Kitty Pryde is worried about her parents coming to visit Xavier's School for the Gifted. Even though they know she's a mutant, Kitty is concerned that seeing all the rest of the gifted students at the school will freak them out.

Dan Panosian clarified on Twitter that these pages aren't from the inside of the issue that was prominently featured in the trailer, nor are they from the issue that becomes a key part of the film's story. Instead, these are pages that could be found inside some of the other prop comic books, just in case they were ever opened in a scene.

In our interview with James Mangold from not too long ago, he discussed how these comics in the movie came into be, and how Marvel approved the idea, but with one condition:

"Marvel only agreed to let me do this as long as we didn't use any real Marvel comics. So we made them all up. But they involved existing Marvel characters. But they just couldn't be real Marvel comics. You'd have to go ask Marvel why. But the reality was that once we did that, for me, the story idea was that all these comics exist. The whole library of Marvel comics, action figures, all of it exists. I never got into it, but I even assume maybe the movies exist."

Mangold said that Joe Quesada, who once worked as an artist and writer at Marvel (including being one of the head honchos over there), drew, designed and wrote the comics. But it sounds like he wasn't the only artist commissioned to create them if Panosian has some work that he did for the movie. In fact, there are several more names featured in one of the pages above if you look closely.

It would be nice to see all of the pages created for these fake comic books released in their entirety some day. Maybe that will be a special feature on the eventual home video release of Logan. In the meantime, make sure you see the movie in theaters right away.