'Doctor Strange' Honest Trailer: ''You Ever Watch Iron Man On Weed?''

In Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme manages to survive a gnarly car accident, Mads Mikkelsen in full villain mode, an extremely feisty cape, and a third-act climax that isn't a big CG battle in the sky. But can he withstand the cutting scorn of the Screen Junkies team?

... I mean, probably. Strange knows actual magic and has a fancy time-turning gem. And he's played by an Oscar-nominated A-lister and controlled by Marvel Studios, one of the most reliable hit machines in Hollywood history. This dude's gonna be fine. But the point we're trying to make here is that it's Strange's turn to go under the knife and get the Honest Trailers treatment. So click through to watch the Doctor Strange Honest Trailer below.

Doctor Strange Honest Trailer

This certainly isn't the most brutal Honest Trailers takedown we've ever seen, but it nails exactly what I found disappointing about this movie: the sense that we've seen it all before. Once again, we're watching, as Screen Junkies puts it, "the heroic origins of a cocky but capable, super-rich, wisecracking workaholic with a weird goatee in love with a redheaded subordinate learning to be less selfish, played by a famous Sherlock Holmes actor." It's tough to blame Marvel for wanting a new Tony Stark-like flagship character, since we know Robert Downey Jr. has to move on eventually. But did they need to make Doctor Strange so similar? "It's like Iron Man, but — actually, that's it," says the Honest Trailer. "It's pretty much just like Iron Man."

They also get in digs at the Ancient One casting controversy ("Tilda Swinton, a being of immense power bravely guarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Asian actors"), Benedict's House-y American accent ("Benny, bubby, your natural voice is perfect — use it!") and the criminal underutilization of Chiwetel Ejiofor (he's "just kind of there to explain things"). On the plus side, they do acknowledge the weirdly lovable Cloak of Levitation and kinda-sorta praise the film avoiding "the third-act trap of battling a CGI army in a sky beam." Yay?