VOTD: How The Oscars Voting Process Works And Favors The Less Bold Best Picture Winners

No matter what movie wins Best Picture each year, there will always be disagreements among filmmakers, critics and audiences as to which film truly deserved the top honor from the Academy Awards. However, in recent years it seems that the Oscars voting process has favored movies that are less bold than some of the nominees they're up against, and there's a logical explanation as to why that's been happening.

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The video mentions that La La Land is the heavy favorite to win Best Picture this year while a movie like Moonlight will get left in the dust, presumably because of this preferential ballot system. It should be noted that outside of the Oscars, the musical romance from director Damien Chazelle has still been taking home plenty of awards, so I'm not sure that La La Land deserves to be lumped in with movies that don't necessarily "deserve" to win Best Picture (like everyone thinks it will).

Furthermore, while the video notes that a handful of winners in recent years have been about filmmaking in some capacity, I'm not sure that we can blame that fact on the Oscars voting process as much as the mentality of all the aging members of the Academy who like nostalgia for the good ole days and contribute to the making the Oscars even more of a circle jerk than it already is each year.