Yes, 'Logan' Will Have A Post-Credits Scene [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Collider confirms Logan will have an end-credits scene, as rumored. Original story follows.

There are many ways that Logan differentiates itself from most superhero movies, and one of them is its lack of a credits scene. There's no mid-credits stinger, no special prize for audiences patient enough to sit through to the very end — the film's just over when it's over.

Or at least that was the word coming out of early press screenings. Now there's reason to wonder if the theatrical cut might have an end-credits moment after all. Find out what why below.

I caught Logan last weekend, and can say absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, that the cut of Logan I watched had no end credits sequence of any kind. I stayed in my seat until the credits were done and the house lights went on, and there wasn't even a hint of a tease. However, Mike Sampson, the senior marketing and promotions manager of Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn, just tweeted the following:

Three minutes is just the right amount of time to devote to a post-credits stinger of some sort, which has us wondering if 20th Century Fox has added a little something extra for paying audiences. It wouldn't be unprecedented for them — they pulled the same move last year with X-Men: Apocalypse.

Having seen the movie, though, I'd be disappointed if this speculation turned out to be accurate. Logan is the rare superhero movie that feels complete in and of itself. Hugh Jackman has said repeatedly that this will be his last time playing the clawed mutant, and — without getting into spoilers — it's an intensely emotional swan song for his 17-year run. Why muck that up with a wholly unnecessary teaser for another X-Men movie? Or ruin the mood with a cutesy gag?

That said, I also know that if I went to see the movie again, I wouldn't be able to resist sticking around to see if I missed something. Again, this is all just speculation for now — 20th Century Fox has not yet confirmed the existence of a Logan post-credits scene. But if you go for that kind of thing, you might want to stay through the credits just in case.

Logan is in theaters March 3.