'Planet Of The Apps' Trailer: Apple's First TV Show Is Like 'Shark Tank' For IPhone Apps

Apple is following Netflix and Amazon's lead and is getting into original programming. The first two shows from the computer company will premiere later this year, which includes a series called Planet of the Apps, which looks to be Shark Tank for the iPhone app world. As a big Shark Tank fanatic and Apple fanboy, this seems right down my alley. See the first Planet of the Apps trailer embedded after the jump now.

Planet of the Apps Trailer

I like this idea but the celebrity involvement kind of worries me a bit. What makes Shark Tank so great is the knowledge and reaction of the "sharks," who for the most part consist of real venture capital investors. But Apple has decided to focus the direction more towards star appeal that might relate to a more real world audience. On the show, Appl developers pitch their idea in an "escalator pitch" (which cleverly borrows the elevator pitch format and places it on a real moving escalator platform) to a bunch of people including Will.i.am., Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba.

Come on, they couldn't get a real VC celebrity like Ashton Kutcher? Really? I'm sorry, I'm just not sure I am interested in what these Will.i.am or Jessica Alba have to say about app ideas. Thankfully Apple has included one real analyst on the panel, the outspoken Gary Vaynerchuk.

Hopefully, the escalator pitch format will prevent this series from going for the more elaborate displays that recent seasons of Shark Tank have favored. And I hope the also avoid the Shark Tank crutch of framing the pitches around the real life drama and backstory of the developers and instead focus more on the product.

What is fascinating about this show is that it seems to go beyond the deal, following a developer being mentored into a final pitch to a real venture capital firm and bringing the dream into a reality. Shark Tank tried launching a follow-up series called Beyond The Tank, but the whole thing felt like an over scripted infomercial. Hopefully, Apple will be able to avoid this.

Planet of the Apps is an exciting first television series for Apple as it strategically gets viewers interested in the final iPhone apps, which yes, makes Apple money. It does seem weird that this show will be aired as part of the Apple Music service.

Carpool Karaoke: The Series Trailer

An episodic adaptation Carpool Karaoke featuring prominent music artists paired with celebrities will premiere on the company's Apple Music platform. Much like SNL, I'll probably just wait until clips of the best moments hit youtube rather than watching this whole show. There is only so much Karaoke I can stand, even with celebrities and music acts.

Carpool Karaoke makes sense as part of the AppleMusic platform, but unless I'm missing the music angle I'm not sure why Planet of the Apps is going to be connected to the subscription music service. I'm betting that Apple plans to introduce a new service this year for their AppleTV hardware that will bring the rumored subscription to cable channels alongside Apple's own original content.