'Batman Begins' Honest Trailer: The Movie That Saved Batman From Puns And Irrelevance

With The LEGO Batman Movie topping the box office this past weekend, and Ben Affleck leaving The Batman as director (and possibly as the star according to a new rumor), there has been plenty of discussion about The Dark Knight lately. Therefore, it's the perfect time for Honest Trailers to look back at a time when Batman became the hero we needed all over again.

Christopher Nolan gave us a near-perfect reboot of the Caped Crusader after Joel Schumacher took the superhero into goofball territory. Batman Begins is as grounded as superhero movies get, and it set up what most regard as one of the best comic book franchises ever made. But that doesn't mean there aren't some jokes to be had at the movie's expense, especially when it comes to how outlandish the third act really is.

Watch the Batman Begins Honest Trailer after the jump.

One can't help but agree with this Honest Trailer when they point out that Batman is maybe a little more reckless than he should be when evading the cops who chase him. Some of his gadgets appear to do much more damage than they really need to, especially the bombs used to flip that cop car in the tunnel.

Even with some of the film's flaws pointed out in an amusing way, watching the Batman Begins Honest Trailer just made me want to sit down and watch Christopher Nolan's entire trilogy all over again, especially knowing how much trouble Batman is in now.