Your iPhone Already Has A Delightful 'LEGO Batman Movie' Easter Egg

Now that millions of people have seen The LEGO Batman Movie, there has been plenty of talk about all the villains that appear in the movie (including the ones that didn't make the cut), and what the future might hold in store for LEGO Batman in the building block cinematic universe that will expand even more later this year with The LEGO Ninjago Movie. But there's one fun tidbit regarding The LEGO Batman Movie that you might not have heard about yet.

Your iPhone is updating all the time, and on many occasions, you probably don't even notice the updates in question. One of those updates was the addition of an easter egg tied to The LEGO Batman Movie. You don't have to do anything to download it, because it's already there. You just have to say the right thing to Siri.

Find out about The LEGO Batman Movie iPhone easter egg after the jump.

For those who haven't seen The LEGO Batman Movie, the Brick Knight has his own helpful computer who takes voice commands. That voice is the same as Siri on your iPhone, but when LEGO Batman talks to his computer, instead of saying "Hey, Siri," he just says, "Hey, 'puter." The good news is you can say the same thing to Siri and get several entertaining results. Check it out:

Above are just some of the responses that Siri has if you say "Hey 'puter" instead of the usual command to use the digital assistant. We won't spoil all of them, because it's pretty fun to discover them yourself. It's pretty hilarious hearing how Siri says "Pbbbffftttt!"

Thanks to Batman News for bringing this amusing easter egg to our attention.