'Bokeh' Trailer: Maika Monroe And Matt O'Leary Are The Last People On Earth

Bokeh is built around a captivating, albeit familiar, concept: what if you woke up one day and you were seemingly the last person on the planet? And what if you were on vacation at the time of this dramatic event, leaving you alone (perhaps forever) in a place that is wholly unfamiliar to you? It's not clear where the film goes beyond that, but the trailer is certainly intriguing enough to make you wonder.

The directorial debut of Andrew Sullivan and Geoffrey Orthwein, Bokeh can't help but feel like the summation of a few things you've seen before. There's a little bit of 28 Days Later in how stars Maika Monroe and Matt O'Leary wander the empty streets of their Iceland vacation destination. There's a little bit of The Leftovers as they agonize over what happened and why they were left behind. There's a whole lot of The Twilight Zone, specifically that episode about the guy who goes nuts when he realizes that he's all alone in a small town where the population has seemingly vanished. That story ended with the revelation that he was hallucinating the whole thing while undergoing isolation training for a trip to the moon. Bokeh will probably feature a different conclusion.

As a footnote, it should be noted that Bokeh is very much an independent movie, the kind of shoestring affair that required a Kickstarter campaign to raise post-production funds. It's hard to root against any movie where first-time filmmakers pull themselves up by their bootstraps to make a high-concept science fiction drama. I hope this is good! I also hope this is good because Maika Monroe deserves to be a huge star and Independence Day: Resurgence did a fine job of halting her momentum from The Guest and It Follows.

Bokeh hits theaters, iTunes, and VOD on March 24, 2017. Here's the official synopsis:

On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple wake up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared. Their struggle to survive and to reconcile the mysterious event lead them to reconsider everything they know about themselves and the world.