/Filmcast Ep. 403 - 20th Century Women

DavidDevindra and Jeff discuss their reactions to the Oscar nominations, praise Jeff Nichols' new film Loving, and recommend the absurd and zany Baskets. Also, check out Kyle Hillinger's new film project here, see Jon Stewart's takedown CNN's tendency to leave it there, and watch John McTiernan's latest video.

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What We've Been Watching (5:02)
  • Devindra: Loving, Young Pope
  • David: Baskets, It's Always Sunny
  • Jeff: Dirk Gently
Film News (27:45)
Featured Review (52:40)
  • 20th Century Women
  • (1:07:00) SPOILERS
After Dark (1:22:25)
  • SPLIT feedback
  • Director comebacks
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