'Inhumans' Character Breakdowns: Who's Who In Marvel's ABC/IMAX Drama?

Marvel's Inhumans movie may be on pause for now, but Marvel's Inhumans TV show seems to be coming together quickly. First announced last fall, the project quickly set Iron Fist's Scott Buck to run the show. Now it's getting ready to lock in some stars, and a new casting call has revealed some interesting details about the characters. See the Inhumans character breakdown below. 

In Marvel Comics lore, "Inhumans" refers to a race of superhumans descended from ancient Kree experiments. Inhuman characters have been featured on Marvel's ABC drama Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but the Inhumans series won't be a spinoff. Instead, it'll focus on a group of Inhumans who've never appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but are prominent in the comics: the Inhumans royal family.

The Inhumans character breakdown uses code names, but if you know some basic details about these characters it's not difficult to figure out who's who. Here's the Inhumans character breakdown obtained by That Hashtag Show.

Inhumans - Black Bolt

BRODERICK: Male. 30-40. Caucasian. Can say volumes with just a look. Strong, thoughtful and private, he's unaccustomed to being questioned or feeling a need to answer to anyone, to an extent can verge on arrogance. SERIES REGULAR, AEP.

This is clearly Black Bolt, the ruler of the Inhumans. The reason he has to "say volumes with just a look" is that his voice has the power to unleash great destruction. Even a whisper could cause serious damage, so he tends to say silent. He is unlikely to be played by Vin Diesel, who was once rumored for the role in the (now-stalled) Inhumans movie.

Inhumans - Medusa

MARJORIE: Female. 30-40. Caucasian. An elegant and intelligent advisor to her husband, she struggles to find her place outside of their relationship, as others tend to view her as just a pretty face. Strong and resourceful, she's not afraid to break the rules when the situation demands it. SERIES REGULAR, AEP.

Marjorie is Medusa, Black Bolt's wife. She has super-strong, super-durable hair, and she can control every single strand of it with her mind, making it move or grow according to her will — even when it's been cut from her head.

Inhumans - Maximus

MARTY: Male. 30-40. Caucasian. Broderick's younger brother; he is intelligent, charming and articulate. He comes across as a man of the people but secretly covets power. SERIES REGULAR, AEP.

The description makes it clear that Marty is Maximus. He's a bit like Loki in that he's a cunning and charismatic younger brother plotting to usurp his big brother. He's got mind control powers and a shaky grasp on sanity — he has been known as Maximus the Mad. Um, possible spoilers for the show, I guess?

Inhumans - Karnak

KEVIN: Male. 30-40. Open. Slight of build, his mind is his greatest asset. Always prepared with a plan, his outlook on life is the glass is always half-empty and often cracked and dirty as well. Though his outlook can be grim he has a droll, dry sense of humor. SERIES REGULAR, AEP.

Kevin is Karnak, Black Bolt's cousin and Triton's younger brother. (We'll get to Triton in a bit.) He's got superhuman strength, endurance, and speed, and can control his body's automatic functions (heartbeat, breating, etc.). Even better, he's a master strategist able to spot and exploit the weakness in anything.

Inhumans - Gorgon

GRADY: Male. 25-35. Open. Impetuous and brash, he has serious impulse control issues which frequently get him into trouble, whether it's women, booze or fighting. He loves life and lives in the moment for better or worse. SERIES REGULAR, AEP.

This is referring to Gorgon, another of Black Bolt's cousins. His signature trait is his superpowered legs, which look kind of horse-like (think centaur, but without the hind legs). He can create earthquakes just by stomping his feet.

Inhumans - Crystal

CHRISTINE: Female. 18-25 to play 18. Caucasian. Soulful but still learning the ways of the world, she has the arrogance of youth. Impetuous and independent, she is also deeply devoted to her family. SERIES REGULAR, AEP.

This description is referring to Crystal, Medusa's younger sister. Her big thing is being able to manipulate the four elements (air, earth, wind, and fire).

Inhumans - Triton

TIMOTHY: Male. 25-35. Open. SFXMU required. Supremely athletic. The ultimate picture of cool. He's calm under pressure and willing to do anything to get the job done.

We're talking about Triton, another of Black Bolt's cousins and the brother of Karnak. "SFXMU" is an acronym for "special effects makeup," and whoever gets this role is bound to need a lot of it as Karnak's a green and scaly sort with fins. He's good in water as he has the ability to breathe underwater, swim at great speeds, and withstand great pressure.

inhumans tv series

The first two episodes of Inhumans will debut in IMAX theaters on Labor Day weekend. It'll then head to ABC. The first season will consist of eight episodes in all.