LOL: Kevin Smith Reveals Casey Affleck's Harsh Review Of 'Jersey Girl'

Though plenty of people make jokes at the expense of Kevin Smith nowadays, more often than not the filmmaker is first to poke fun at himself, especially with regards to the kinds of movies he makes. One of his favorite targets from his own career is Jersey Girl, a film released in the spring of 2004 that didn't get very good reviews and only earned $36 million at the box office on a budget of $35 million.

However, before Kevin Smith was able to poke fun at his own film, he was nervous about how it would be received. One person who got an early look at the movie, over a year before it would be released, was Smith's longtime friend Casey Affleck. He saw the film in January of 2003 and decided to e-mail a review to Kevin Smith. It's pretty funny, and it might be harsher than anything Smith has said about his own movie.

Read Casey Affleck's Jersey Girl review below.

Kevin Smith made a post to Instagram with a print out of the e-mail, beginning with the subject line "I saw Jersey Girl on Wednesday night..." and then continuing:

"... and I can't believe you made a whole movie – went through all of the trouble and spent all the money – just to see if people would be honest with you. It takes a lot of courage to intentionally make something really bad just to make a statement, just to say, "Hey, here's a dick in your mouth. Still sycophantic? Still think it's "genius" when it's a pecker head on your tonsils?" It's a great new twist on the old Emperor's New Clothes tale. As a conceptual art piece it ranks with Duchamps urinal. A pisser can be art, and photographing fools talking foolishness can be a movie. In fact, in that regard, it approaches achievement of Van Sant's PSYCHO. And since it too, like PSYCHO, is an idea nobody will have to see to appreciate, the investors should lose all of their money, which is one of the best ways to make people pay attention.

So bravo. Bravo! I'm not gonna tel you it was good, but I will say, garbled and slightly choked, "Thanks you for the chin-nuts. I needed them." And I mean it. Because I have become so positive, I like everything. I'm not discerning enough. I eat it all up, and love it. But with the c**k called JERSEY GIRL in my mouth, I finally found something I am fairly certain I do not like, and feel comfortable saying will be distasteful to most everyone."

Now that's some good old-fashioned roasting right there. Of course, Casey Affleck was just giving Kevin Smith a hard time, and he followed up with an even more extensive, positive review (though he did still use the opportunity to make fun of his brother Ben Affleck and their buddy Matt Damon too. You can read his whole e-mail right here:

Casey Affleck's Jersey Girl Review