Learn How To Make A Big Kahuna Burger Inspired 'Pulp Fiction' [Video]

There's no doubt that one of the most iconic scenes in Pulp Fiction is when Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta confront Brett and his friends to retrieve a briefcase with an unknown object inside. In the scene, Jackson takes it upon himself to take a bite out of Brett's cheeseburger, which he says they got from a place called Big Kahuna Burger, described as a Hawaiian burger joint. Now one YouTube cook has taken it upon himself to make a "tasty burger" inspired by the one that Jackson takes a bite of in Pulp Fiction.

Find out how to make a Big Kahuna burger after the jump.

Now this isn't exactly the same burger that we see in Pulp Fiction, since that burger looks like just an average fast food burger (as pointed out in the video). Instead, creator Andrew Rea (via The AV Club) takes it upon himself to create a better burger worthy of the Big Kahuna name and description by creating a real Hawaiian burger.

The Big Kahuna burger in question is a smashburger (which means the beef is smash against a hot cast-iron skillet to cook it, like Shake Shack) with the addition of caramelized pineapple (and onions) and a Hawaiian roll to go along with the standard beef and cheese. The question is, can I stop being lazy enough to take the time to make this? Probably not.