Cool Stuff: 'The Aviator' And 'Drive' Get Mondo Prints From Jonathan Burton And Rory Kurtz

Right now you can catch Ryan Gosling singing and dancing with Emma Stone in La La Land in wider release, and Martin Scorsese's Silence is playing in some theaters as well. Therefore, Mondo thought this would be a good time to release a new print from one of Ryan Gosling's recent acclaimed film, and one of Martin Scorsese's films from the previous decade.

Mondo has unveiled a new print for Drive by artist Rory Kurtz, with that signature hot pink hue worked in there smoothly, and they also have a pair of prints from Jonathan Burton for The Aviator, the biopic about Howard Hughes. They're both fantastic in their own way, and you can check them out after the jump.

Here's the Drive print by Rory Kurtz, straight from the Mondo blog:

Drive Print - Rory Kurtz

This print is a 24x36 screen print with an edition of 375 that will cost you $50. Even though Drive didn't blow me away (I still liked it quite a bit), one of the things I loved about the marketing was the use of the color pink, and I'm glad many of these artist tributes to the movie have kept that aesthetic choice intact.

Next up, here are the two prints for The Aviator by Jonathan Burton:

Both are 24x36 screen prints. The regular version (left) has an edition of 250 with a price tag of $50 while the variant has an edition of 125 and will cost $75. I love that the regular version uses that specific shade of green that Scorsese makes pop in the scene when Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) plays golf with Katharine Hepburn (Cate Blanchett).

As usual the prints will go on sale at a random time today, January 5th, so stay tuned to @MondoNews to find out when.