VOTD: See Storyboards Compared Side-By-Side To Movies Like 'The Dark Knight' & More

It's a long road for a movie to make it to theaters. A movie starts an idea that hopefully ends up as a series of images that combine to form some semblance of a story. But making that happen takes some meticulous planning during the phase of filmmaking known as pre-production. A big part of that process is storyboarding, where the filmmaker plans out all of the shots they need by piecing together illustrations of what they hope to eventually capture on camera.

Now we can see how some of the original storyboards for movies like The Dark Knight and The Empire Strikes Back compare to what we see on screen in a couple key sequences. See storyboards compared to movies after the jump.

Here's a batch of storyboards compared to movies from Glass Distortion (via Sploid):

It's awesome to see how the visuals that were imagined in pre-production came to life in the end. In fact, I could watch an entire movie like this with the storyboards appearing side-by-side with the final cut of the movie. Even the storyboards by themselves paint quite the picture, which is why it's such an integral part to the filmmaking process.

Glass Distortion only covers The Dark Knight, The Empire Strikes Back and No Country for Old Men (which is actually the best one out of the bunch), but I hope that the creator keeps videos like this coming, because they're fascinating as hell.