It's Turbo Time: Get Your Own Turbo Man From 'Jingle All The Way'

It's the Christmas season, which means you either love or hate the presence of the holiday comedy Jingle All the Way playing all over TV. The crass, commercial comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad desperately trying to get their hands on the popular fictional toy known as Turbo Man is goofy, slapsticky and just plain bad. But I still watch it every year and enjoy the hell out of it. I always laugh every time Schwarzenegger says, "Who told you you could eat my cookies?"

If you're a fan of the movie and you've always wanted your own Turbo Man just for the hell of it, a new Kickstarter wants to make that possible. It's a little pricey if you really want it to be Turbo Time at your house, but it just might be worth it. Find out details after the jump.

The Kickstarter contains this short video to tease the Turbo Man action figure:

Here's what the Kickstarter project has to say about their endeavor:

Do you remember Turboman doll from the holiday film Jingle All The Way? In 1996 he was the hottest Christmas toy ever! When I was a kid, I dreamed of having my very own, but sadly my dream never camr true... Because he was a fictional toy only for film.

I wanted to change that and bring the Turbo Man toy to fans a collectors alike. Two years ago I found the ownner of original prop used in the film, I thought up a great idea.Today we can make everything with the great technology 3D scanning and printing, So I decided to reproduce the Turboman action figure to cereblate the 20th anniversary of the film.

I plan to scan 3D modeling data of the original prop, which has no articulation. So I need enlist the work of a 3D modeler to digitally sculpt the joint for proper articulation.

The cost to produce a 14? prototype is quite high, so I turn to you all in hopes to see this dream become reality .please review a quick video showcasing the 3D model. As far as the pricing it is $130 plus shipping per figure. The price you spend this time is the cost for getting your very own Turboman, so there is no additional fee except shipping.

If you love 90's toy, action figure, or prop replica, don't miss this chance!

The creator of this project is partially right. While there was never a mass produced toy on the same level as indicated in the movie, there were some Turbo Man action figures that were created. A childhood friend of mine had one, and you can actually still find some circulating on eBay, going for upwards of $200, some even close to $300.

However, if you look at the details of the action figure that was sold 20 years ago, you'll see that it's not quite the same as this prototype provided by director Brian Levant, which would make this one a much better screen accurate replica. And even though $130 is expensive, it's still less than the other toy version of Turbo Man.

I'm tempted to drop the money on this action figure, if only because it would look cool sitting on a shelf. I just have two key questions. First, will it come in the same packaging from the movie? And second, will the gold parts of Turbo Man be a reflective paint like the one from the parade at the end of the movie? My biggest qualm with the figure created to coincide with the release of the movie was that it had dull gold paint instead of shiny reflective paint.

Anyway, it's very cool of director Brian Levant to provide this prop for a cool project like this. They needed $13,000 for the project to move forward, and they've passed that mark, so everyone who pledges should be getting their Turbo Man whenever production is done. Will you pledge money to get one?