'The Empire Strikes Back' Honest Trailer: This Is Gonna Be A Tough One, Isn't It?

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hitting some theaters as early as tomorrow night and the early buzz painting quite a positive picture (along with David Chen's video review and Peter Sciretta's spoiler-free review), everyone is all about Star Wars this week. That includes the folks over at Honest Trailers who have decided to tackle what many Star Wars fans regard as the greatest film in the saga: The Empire Strikes Back.

Even outside of Star Wars fans, The Empire Strikes Back is largely considered to be one of the greatest sequels of all time, and as the Honest Trailer points out, it has become the lazy shorthand for anyone trying to hype up the darkness and quality of plenty of other sequels. Beyond that, the quality of this movie is so high that the voiceover guy knows it's not going to be easy to make fun of this one.

Watch The Empire Strikes Back Honest Trailer after the jump.

Even though there's not much to poke fun at regarding the quality of the movie and its story (unlike Suicide Squad, which got a reaming by Honest Trailers not too long ago), there are still some good jokes at the expense of the characters, including one thing that has always bugged me. Everyone in the universe really needs to get on the same page when it comes to how we pronounced Han Solo's first name.

Speaking of Han Solo, I never noticed just how often he uses dramatic finger-pointing throughout this movie. I wonder if that's a Harrison Ford thing in general or just something that Han Solo does a lot in this movie specifically. Sadly, we'll never see Han Solo dramatically point ever again. Thanks a lot, Kylo Ren.