VOTD: This 'Rogue One' Commercial Will Make Tears Come Out Of Your Face

The brand of Star Wars is slapped on anything and everything you can find in stores. While it's easy justified to be cynical about all the merchandising and branding of the sci-fi saga for the profit of corporations, sometimes the corporate sponsors who use Star Wars to promote their brand create something truly special and moving at the same time.

Case in point, Globe Telecom, Inc., the top mobile brand in the Philippines, has released a Rogue One commercial that is one of the most touching things you'll see today. Maybe it's just because it's the holidays, or maybe it's because 2016 was awful, but this commercial will pull tears right out of your eyes.

Sure, this is an advertisement for a massive mobile services company manipulating us into thinking better of them. But this Rogue One commercial also illustrates why something like Star Wars is so important to some people. It's what makes us feel like we belong. It's something that we can latch onto when the odds are stacked against us. It can help us cope with tragedy. It can inspire us to live up to our potential.

In the case of this commercial, a young girl uses a Stormtrooper helmet to hide her oxygen mask. Even though this makes her stand out, it makes her feel comfortable. Her brother wears his Stormtrooper hoodie with her in solidarity. And then her peers all wear Stormtrooper helmets so that she doesn't have to feel embarrassed or alone. That's just beautiful.