LOL: What If 'The Witch' Was Directed By Wes Anderson?

The Witch was one of the most unnerving and masterful horror films of the year. Some complained that they didn't find it scary, but the terror at the center of this movie felt more horrifying than any of the jump scares that countless other horror movies brought to the table this year. But what if the movie was directed by Wes Anderson?

Funnily enough, the visuals of Robert Eggers film which brings terror into the lives of a 1630s New England family work perfectly in a trailer edited in the style of one of Wes Anderson's comedies. Combine that with some cooky music and clever editing, and The Witch becomes a different movie entirely.

See The Witch directed by Wes Anderson after the jump.

The folks at CineFix get the credit for putting this great trailer mash-up together. Of course, the trailer could use some kind of rock song in there to change things up a bit. Plus, it would be a bummer to have a Wes Anderson movie that didn't have a Bill Murray cameo, but that's something that surely can be fixed with a couple bookends. Maybe he could voice the weird, hypnotizing bunny from deep in the forest.

Don't forget, Saturday Night Live once imagined what it might be like if Wes Anderson directed a horror movie with their trailer for The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders. If both that movie and this version of The Witch really existed, that would make for quite the double feature.