Rogue One Bits: The First 20 Minutes Screened, New Aliens Profiled, And All Kinds Of New Collectible Stuff

In this edition of Rogue One Bits:

  • Learn about four supporting aliens in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • The latest and greatest on Imperial shield generator technology.
  • New images and TV spots and banners and magazine covers have arrived.
  • Mads Mikkelsen still can't say much about Galen Erso.
  • Every theater chain is offering collectors' items with their Rogue One tickets.
  • Details on the first 20 minutes of the film.
  • And more!
  •'s Databank page has been updated with new information about some of the minor characters in Rogue One. Let's run down some of the big ones. Ah, remember the days when you had to learn this stuff from the back of toy packaging?rogue one bistan

    The efforts of the Rebellion have drawn warriors from across the galaxy, fighting to liberate their homes and free their people from the oppression of the Empire. Though Bistan wants to ensure the freedom of fellow lakaru, truth is, he'd rather fight no matter what, relishing the thrill of action.

    rogue one edrio two tubes

    Edrio Two Tubes is a mercenary pilot who flies alongside his eggmate, Benthic. They share the nickname derived from the breathing apparatus that allows Tognath physiology to process oxygen atmospheres. Edrio's native world of Yar Togna was conquered and occupied by the Empire, forcing him to flee as a refugee. With a desire to strike back at the Empire, Edrio and Benthic have allied with Saw Gerrera.

    rogue one moroff

    Moroff seeks out combat zones in the galaxy to sell his brawn and firepower to anyone who might need it. Not interested in the details of the Empire versus rebels conflict, the mighty Gigoran mercenary figures there's money to be made for a towering heavy gunner of great strength.

    rogue one pao

    An amphibious Drabata, the fierce commando Pao charges into battle with the Empire while shouting a full-throated battle cry of "Sa´kalla!" as is his custom. He joins the Rogue One team on its historic mission to secure the Death Star plans.

    For more entires, including details on the TIE Striker, Krennic's shuttle, and some of the new Stormtroopers, you'll need to explore the Databank for yourself.

    rogue one cassianEntertainment Weekly has released a new gallery of Rogue One images an each one is accompanied by a paragraph of new information. For example, this photo of Diego Luna's Cassian Andor also comes with a few sentences that explain his actual role within the Rebel Alliance:

    Diego Luna, right, plays Captain Cassian Andor, a veteran spy for the Rebellion who has a network of contacts throughout the galaxy who help him keep eyes and ears on the activities of the Empire. Andor is like a CIA field agent, and this man, Tivik, played by Daniel Mays (The InfiltratorAtonement) is one of his underworld connections to the insurgent group led by Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker). "He is one of Cassian's contacts on the moon of Jedha," says co-producer John Swartz.

    The gallery also provides context to shots we've seen in the trailer. For example, now we know more about the big space battle we've glimpsed and how it connects to the big ground assault Jyn leads on the paradise planet of Scarif:

    The wheel-shaped space station that an X-wing squadron is attacking is the Shield Gate. The world below is Scarif, a tropical planet that'a one of the Empire's key military-industrial complexes. The filmmakers describe it as a galactic Los Alamos, the top-secret desert town where scientists and engineers built the first nuclear bomb during World War II.

    We've included a few more photos in the gallery below and you can follow the link above to check out the rest.

    In a separate interview with producer John Swartz, Entertainment Weekly further explored Scarif and its shield generator:

    You can see the blue sheen surrounding the entire planet. The shield gate is the security. As Imperial ships and cargo comes through, it punches a hole in the shield so they can pass. The gate officer gives clearances as they give out their call signs.

    Swartz also explained that Scarif was where much of the Death Star was designed and researched, even if it was built elsewhere:

    It's part of their military industrial complex. It's not necessarily where the Death Star was constructed, but a lot of military research goes on there. That's why Krennic spends time there. It's the site of research, structural engineering, munitions and manufacturing, all rolled into one facility.

    You can find more details at the link above.

    And in one final blast of Entertainment Weekly news, here are the publication's two Rogue One covers.

    We've reached the point where the Rogue One TV spots are arriving faster than we can cover them, so go ahead and enjoy this new one, which is built around the relationship (or lack thereof) between Jyn Erso and Galen Erso, before you get distracted by another one.

    Rogue One Star Wars mads mikkelsen

    Although the recently released Star Wars novel Catalyst explains Galen Erso's backstory in great detail, actor Mads Mikkelsen is apparently still under orders to not share much about his scientist character, telling the Los Angeles Daily News:

    Let's put it this way: I'm a scientist and I'm working on something spectacular. There's a program I skipped. I went away with my family. I got cold feet. I could see it was going in the wrong direction.

    Mikkelsen also emphasized that his character can't be easily labeled as either a hero or a villain:

    If you met him or just saw him in a single scene, you would not think that he was really a villain. And he's not a villain, but he is a man who's not been doing the right thing all the time.

    Rogue One Extended TV SpotRogue One tickets went on sale earlier this week and the internet reacted accordingly by, well, breaking itself. According to Deadline, Fandango sold hundreds of thousands of tickets within minutes, which doesn't account for those who purchased their tickets through other services (or the faithful who chose to line up at an actual box office). While it surely won't match the record-breaking debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (how could it?), it certainly sounds like Rogue One is going to do just fine.

    If you happen to buy your Rogue One tickets at the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, you can spend a few extra bucks to also pick up their exclusive new pint glass, which features art by the great Martin Ansin.

    rogue one tom whalen tickets

    Speaking of skilled artists lending their talents to Rogue One tickets, Tom Whalen has designed three unique collectible tickets for Regal Cinema's IMAX 3D screenings of the film. Naturally, you'll have to return once a week fro three weeks to collect them all.

    regal rogue one ultimate ticket

    If you already think you'll be seeing Rogue One multiple times in theaters, Regal Cinemas has a deal for you. For $100, you can buy their "ultimate ticket," which will let you see the film once a day for its entire run. Here are the details:

    Guests with the Regal Ultimate Ticket receive one admission to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story each day for the entire run of the movie in Regal Theaters. Accepted for all film formats, including 3D, RPX and IMAX.

    This one-of-a-kind collectible ticket is each card features the movie title laser cut through anodised steel, plus gold etching and the distinctive black gloss Rebellion insignia. Each card is personalised, with the cardholders name inscribed permanently on the back.

    Hurry! Production is limited only to 1000 cards!

    Much like how The Force Awakens offered fans collectible the chance to buy and use 3D glasses based on characters from the film for 3D screenings of the film, RealD has introduced a trio of limited edition Rogue One glasses. You can choose from Death Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper, or Rebel Pilot.

    rogue one banner

    I'll admit that I haven't fallen in love with many of the recent posters for Rogue One, but I really do dig this new international banner.

    rogue one felicity jones

    The latest issue of Empire magazine has dedicated its cover story to Rogue One and, naturally, the interior is full of images from the film. One of them is this behind-the-scenes shot, which finds director Gareth Edwards personally holding the camera during a scene with Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso. It's unusual for a director to to actually operate the camera on a major film like this, but as Jones told the magazine:

    The whole methodology with Rogue One was to keep it very naturalistic. Gareth often holds the camera himself because he wants to be there with you. With Gareth we felt like we were all in it together.

    Meanwhile, the new issue of US Weekly has quietly debuted our first look at Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa, making his return to the saga after his small role in the prequel trilogy. Unfortunately, anyone who has seen the original Star Wars knows that Princess Leia's adoptive father is, well, incredibly doomed.

    Did you know that Alderaan wasn't the first planet destroyed by the Death Star? Well, that was the case before the Star Wars canon was wiped clean and Star Wars Explained has the details.

    rogue one: a star wars story international trailer 2

    While Rogue One has yet to screen for audiences in its entirety, the opening 20 minutes were shown as part of a press event in Mexico, which means that a lot of what goes down in the opening scenes of the movie is now online. If you'd like to know more, read on. If this is the part where you exit Rogue One Bits because the movie opens in two weeks, the door is to your left. Thanks for stopping by.

    The first report comes from a Redditor named Jelly_Lion who shared their thoughts with the Star Wars subreddit:

    Watched 30 minutes here on Mexico. The visuals are amazing, the action is well directed and the [chemistry] between the characters looks very nice. Can't wait to see more. They kind that introduced us to all the characters, but I have no idea if the scenes were edited or not. K2SO is the comic relief, but a badass one (like a mixture between Groot and C3PO). There's a flashback, I think it's the first time that it happened on Star Wars. There's a LOT of locations in the movie. Like 6 or 7 in the scenes showed.

    star wars rogue one opening crawl

    Meanwhile, Making Star Wars has full details about the opening seconds of the film, confirming that the iconic "a long time ago" title will be there, although it is now 100% confirmed that there will not be an opening crawl and that the title itself will be presented on screen:

    Up front is the "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" is still there. The movie will then cut to space and the film gets rolling. The opening crawl will not be there as we've been hearing for the last year and recently, basically confirmed in the Entertainment Weekly piece.

    The movie does have a ROGUE ONE title card. Basically we see the bald headed Saw Gerrera open a hatch and save young Jyn after the horrible events that change her life forever and then we see the Rogue One logo emblazoned on the screen.

    rogue one: a star wars story international trailer 2Jedi News has posted the most detailed description of the footage, so if you want to know the opening scene beat-by-beat, this is for you:

    The movie starts with the "a long time ago..." screen and then we go straight to space and Krennic's ship flying through some rings (kind of like Saturn's). It's beautiful. Next we see Jyn Erso's family in a rush trying to escape before the Empire ship arrives. They know they're on their way to capture them. They pack all their stuff and Jyn and her mom escape while her dad goes to confront Krennic. Jyn's mom gives her a necklace and tells her that the Force will protect her or something along those lines. She tells her to hide in their secret place and little Jyn runs for her life. Back to Krennic, he says to Jyn's father that they want him to work for them since it's important for the galaxy's safety and he refuses. He tells them his wife is dead (obviously not true) and he doesn't want to do it. At that moment Jyn's mom comes back with a hidden gun and tries to shoot Krennic and she gets shot. Krennic only gets his shoulder wounded. Jyn's dad is captured and taken to the ship while Krennic orders the Death Troopers to search for the girl. Jyn hides in a tiny bunker and waits for them to leave. Suddenly, the bunker door opens and it's Saw Gerrera. He rescues little Jyn Erso. End of scene. ROGUE ONE title (SW font, but it's hollow) with new (very beautiful) theme music.

    For more details, including thoughts on the film's action and how Jyn Erso differs from Rey, you can follow the link above.