Cool Stuff: Mondo's 'Gremlins' Vinyl Soundtrack Reacts To Sunlight & Water

If you've seen Joe Dante's tongue-in-cheek Christmas horror flick Gremlins, then you know the three key rules about taking care of the little furry creatures known as Mogwai. Keep them out of bright lights, especially the sun. Never get them wet. And don't ever feed them after midnight. However, when it comes to the new Mondo Gremlins vinyl soundtrack, you can break two of those rules without any repercussions.

Get the details on the Mondo Gremlins vinyl soundtrack after the jump.

Here's the gatefold jacket, the image on the right showing what happens when it's exposed to UV light:

The inside of the gatefold is the image at the top of the post (all artwork created by Phantom City Creative), and inside that you'll find these two disc sleeves, each of which is water sensitive:

The left images show how it looks dry, and the right image shows what appears if you apply a damp cloth to them.

Mondo's vinyl game is strong, and I love when they create something so unique like this for a vinyl soundtrack. Besides that, the 2-disc release obviously features Jerry Goldsmith's outstanding, creepy score for Gremlins pressed on 180 gram vinyl. And the good news is that this vinyl release will only cost you $35 and it doesn't have a super limited supply.

You can buy the Mondo Gremlins vinyl soundtrack at their website starting at 12pm Central time on November 30th, and it should make a great Christmas gift for that cinephile and vinyl collector in your life.