'Finding Dory' Honest Trailer: Even Pixar's B-Material Will Make You Cry

In recent years, Pixar Animation has become just as obsessed with sequels as everyone else, and plenty of viewers have started to noticed. That includes the folks over at Honest Trailers who have no problem taking shots at Finding Dory now that it's out on home video this week.

The Finding Dory Honest Trailer takes all the shots at Pixar's recycling of their usual formula and a story that really isn't dissimilar from Finding Nemo and sets out to answer all of the questions that no one really thought needed an answer to begin with. However, by the time this Honest Trailer is over, you'll realize that even when Pixar is average, they're still leaps and bounds better than most animated fare out there. Plus, stick around for a hilarious reference to a certain Star Wars prequel that I was not expecting.

Here's the Finding Dory Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies:

The thing is, even if this sequel was wholly unnecessary, I'd be lying if I didn't find myself with a few tears in my eyes throughout the movie. That little Dory is just too damn adorable for you not to feel bad for her when she gets lost. Pixar just knows how to pull at your heartstrings.

However, I will say that the climax of the movie which involves the fish hijacking an aquarium truck just feels a little too ridiculous for a Pixar movie. That's more like DreamWorks Animation or Blue Sky Studios material right here. But again, Finding Dory is still better than 85% of the animated movies out there, so I think we can let it slide.