VOTD: 'Westworld' And 'Jurassic Park' Are Basically The Same

Westworld is one of the most discussed shows on the air now, and even after the first season comes to an end in a few weeks, we'll still be talking about this show for months to come. Last night's episode brought a major revelation (which will be discussed in greater detail later this morning with our usual Westworld coverage), but there are still endless questions to be answered.

However, if you find parts of Westworld feeling a little familiar, aside from the obvious due to the fact that this is a remake of a feature film of the same name, but you just can't put your finger on it, a new video lays it out pretty simply. Westworld is Jurassic Park and vice versa, and since both stories were written by Michael Crichton, that makes perfect sense.

Here's the video showing Westworld and Jurassic Park are the same from College Humor:

This is a fairly surface level comparison, though the two stories do share some thematic elements, as well as having an ambitious but perhaps delusional old man at the center of each park's creation. Westworld has much more happening under the surface, especially with the various character threads and multiple timelines at play in the show.

After Westworld ends the first season, it will only start to diverge from what Michael Crichton originally conceived with the film from 1973. The show hasn't officially been renewed for a second season yet, but with as popular as its been since it premiered, a second season renewal feels like a foregone conclusion. And while Westworld may take cues from Jurassic Park, I wouldn't expect to see the same kind of comparison between Westworld's presumed second season and Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World.