Video: How Anthony Hopkins Elevates 'Westworld'

Westworld is all the rage right now. We're so obsessed with the show that we're talking about new and old theories after every new episode, our own Jacob Hall always chimes in with some spoilery questions to accompany everything we learned in the latest installment of HBO's latest sci-fi series, and we even have a podcast called Decoding Westworld.

Thankfully, we're not the only ones who have fallen for the adaptation of of the film from 1973. A new video from Nerdwriter has taken a closer look at one very specific part of Westworld, one of the actors who consistently makes the show truly compelling every single week. Anthony Hopkins is an icon, and when you see how his performance is broken down in the video essay after the jump, you'll better understand why he's such a revered actor.

Find out what makes Anthony Hopkins great in Westworld after the jump.

The fact that this caliber of acting is being done on television just goes to show you how the state of the medium has improved over the years. Television has gone from being the second tier in entertainment behind movies to being on the same level, if not better in some cases. Some of the best storytelling of the decade is being done in television, and when an actor like Anthony Hopkins is putting in this kind of performance, you just have to pay attention.

Some of the details pointed out in this video is just evidence that you'll find in a good performance from any actor. But the fact that you won't find certain details like this in some mainstream Hollywood performances is the perfect example of why an actor like Anthony Hopkins is a true treasure.