New 'Logan' Image And Storyboards: Wolverine Makes This Mutant Dystopia Look Good

While a certain segment of comic book fans have spent the past decade-plus complaining that the cinematic Wolverine was a tall and strapping Australian man and not a stout weirdo, it's very possible that the superhero movie boom would never have taken off without Hugh Jackman. The man is inherently likable on camera, managing to lend both humor and gravity to potentially ridiculous situations. And yes, he is also unfairly handsome.

The latest image from Logan, Jackman's swan song as his most popular character, is a reminder that Jackman can make this whole "anti-mutant dystopia that is a depressing enough to demand a Johnny Cash song in the trailer" thing look real good.

Like most of the images released from Logan, this new picture was taken by director James Mangold, who initially shared it on Twitter. Also like most of the previous images, there's a little more artistry at work here than in your average set photo, as if Mangold was assembling a black-and-white coffee table book chronicling the making of the film. Unlike the previous image, which featured Jackman looked battered and bruised and generally in a bad place, this one lets him clean up a bit. Even when the look screams "I am an aging superhero who can't be bothered to wear a tie with my jacket," Jackman makes it look snazzy.

new logan images

In my big breakdown of the first trailer, I dwelled on Logan's suit, noting that he was wearing it in a scene where he seemingly attends a funeral from afar. It seems like the only way to get the Wolverine out of that white sleeveless shirt is to kill off a friend.

Mangold also shared two storyboards drawn by artist Gabriel Hardman. If you like what you see here, I highly recommend you seek out Invisible Republic, the science fiction comic he co-writes and illustrates for Image Comics. It's essentially a combination of Breaking Bad and Blade Runner, with a few dashes of Che. It's really good! Anyway, his first image finds Logan (in that same suit) watching a motel in the pouring rain...

new logan images

The second is a more dynamic action shot, a low angle capturing Logan as he pops his claws (while also wearing that same suit)...

new logan imagesLogan is set to open on March 3, 2017. After the bloated and tired X-Men: Apocalypse, it looks like the small and character-driven X-Men movie we need right now.