A 'Penny Dreadful' Sequel Comic Comes Out Early Next Year

The Penny Dreadful series finale is a bit of a disappointment. Not because fans didn't know the season three finale was actually the series finale until the end credits, but because the show rushes a little towards the finish line. A few storylines and subplots, like which side Ethan Chandler chooses, feel incomplete. The final moments of the series are emotional, but are they earned? Yes, for the most part, but the ending of John Logan's beautiful show still leaves you wanting more. Thankfully, for those of us fans who want to spend more time in this world, we'll have the opportunity to do so with the Penny Dreadful sequel comic coming from Titan Comic Books.

Below, learn more about the Penny Dreadful sequel comic.

A few months ago, Titan Comic Books started publishing Penny Dreadful comic books. There have been four issues of the series, beginning with a prequel illustrated by Louie De Martinis and written by Andrew HinderakerKrysty Wilson-Cairns, and Chris King. King, a co-executive producer on the Showtime series, is bringing Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) — and maybe the rest of the remaining Penny Dreadful gang — back with illustrator Jesús Hervás (Sons of Anarchy).

In early 2017, the story of Penny Dreadful will continue. The comic will begin six months after the events of the series finale. In a statement, Penny Dreadful comic editor Lizzie Kaye said:

Like all fans of Penny Dreadful, I am so thrilled that we're returning to the incredible world of the show. There are a lot of stories left to tell, and there is no one better to tell them than Chris King. What he's got planned will just take your breath away, and I can't wait for fans to see it all brought to life by artist Jesús Hérvas.

SPOILERS for the ending of Penny Dreadful (and take this as a spoiler warning for the rest of the post), but here's the story King has planned for the comic:

The comic series will take place six months after the ending of the TV show's final season. Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) finds himself unable to move on. As he searches desperately for meaning in a world without Vanessa, ancient words echo across the centuries, and he is called on once again to take up arms against the creatures crawling out of the night.

This synopsis is a little surprising. Penny Dreadful is a show with no shortage of misery, but John Logan ended the series with a sense of catharsis and closure for Ethan Chandler. He did lose Vanessa, but he still has Sir. Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) and a new family of misfits. Although the finale has hope for Chandler, it sounds Titan Books and Chris King's comic might briefly push aside that hope, get him back on the pity train, and have him start fighting monsters, preferably once again with Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton), Catriona Hartdegen (Perdita Weeks), Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway), and Dr. Florence Seward (Patty LuPone), a gang that came together wonderfully in the finale.