'Doctor Strange' Director Scott Derrickson Already Has A Villain In Mind For The Sequel

The other day, director Scott Derrickson said if he's lucky enough to direct a Doctor Strange sequel, he wants to make a more visceral film, one that digs a little deeper into the villain. With plenty of world building and character introductions completed in the Marvel film, Derrickson is now free to jump right into the deep end the next time around and explore more ideas unrelated to Dr. Stephen Strange's (Benedict Cumberbatch) origin story. The filmmaker already has a few thoughts on what he'd like to see in a Doctor Strange sequel.

Below, learn which character from the comics Scott Derrickson hopes to use in another Doctor Strange tale.

Obviously, we're going to have to wait and see how the first Doctor Strange performs at the box office before talks of a sequel begin to get more serious. But there's nothing wrong with dreaming up what you'd like to see in a future Doctor Strange movie, which IGN asked Scott Derrickson to do.

The director has a fondness for Nightmare, a character he'd like to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

I really like the character of Nightmare and the concept that the Nightmare Realm is a dimension. [...] That's early – that's like the first Strange tale. I think that's in the introductory episode of Doctor Strange, and I always loved that.

Nightmare is introduced in Strange Tales #110. The Stan Lee and Steve Ditko-created character rules the Nightmare World within the Dream Dimension. Nightmare, a demon, requires fear to survive. Derrickson and his co-writers decided there simply was not enough room for the character in Doctor Strange:

We decided not to do that because that's a bit of a complex idea to try to introduce everything we do introduce and introduce the idea of nightmares themselves as being a dimension. I hope somewhere down the line we do get to explore that because I think that's super cool concept.

It likely would've been impossible fitting a role as fantastical as Nightmare in Doctor Strange. Not to say the movie isn't trippy or wildly fantastical as is, but throwing another character and idea as big as Nightmare into the mix probably would've been too much for Doctor Strange to handle. Derrickson already had plenty of ground to cover with his first Marvel outing, but perhaps the director will one day get the opportunity to show Nightmare in a Doctor Strange sequel.

Doctor Strange opens in theaters November 4th.