Watch 'The Walking Dead' Six Season Recap, Provided By John Cleese

If there's one person who knows a lot about walking, it's John Cleese. Therefore, while it might seem completely out of left field to have the comedian from Monty Python give us a recap of all six season of The Walking Dead, it's actually brilliant.

This coming weekend brings the seventh season premiere of The Walking Dead, and we'll finally get to see who Negan knocked into the next world with his signature weapon, Lucille, in the cliffhanger from last season. If you need a reminder of what's happened over the past six years of the show, this recap is a rather entertaining way to catch up. Actually, it's pretty entertaining even if you don't need to catch up.

Watch John Cleese's The Walking Dead recap after the jump.

This is absolutely a bare bones recap of six seasons of a show that has had plenty of death creating an endless change in the character roster. But there's something about John Cleese's voiceover that makes it feel like this is everything we need to know. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing a version of The Walking Dead where John Cleese provides commentary throughout the entire show. But I digress.

By the way, don't be confused by the details in the video saying that The Walking Dead doesn't premiere until Monday, October 24th. That's just when the show airs on FOX in the United Kingdom. The Walking Dead will still be airing exclusively on Sunday nights on AMC here in the United States starting again at 9pm ET on October 23rd this weekend.