'Ghostbusters' Honest Trailer: How Much Do You Enjoy Paul Feig's B Material?

Ghostbusters was neither this summer's best film nor this summer's worst film, but it's definitely the frontrunner for this summer's most divisive film. The exhausting culture war over Paul Feig's reboot began the moment it was announced and intensified after the trailer was released, peaking with the film's release in July. But it's over, at least for now. The dust has settled. We've all survived and moved on. And now here comes Honest Trailers to offer their two cents on the whole thing.

The Ghostbusters Honest Trailer takes the unusual step of turning off YouTube comments, which is probably for the best considering the toxic online conversation surrounding this movie. ("You did this to yourself, internet," scolds the narrator.) But that doesn't mean they're pulling their punches. "It's bad," the narrator laments. "I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I mean, it's not as bad as they said it was gonna be, but still, it's pretty bad." Watch the Ghostbusters Honest Trailer below. 

Ghostbusters Honest Trailer

I don't know if I've ever heard an Honest Trailer that sounds so tired before. And with good reason. There was a point this summer where even the most innocuous, neutral observation about this movie could spark a full-blown flame war. I don't miss those days.

Anyway, the Screen Junkies aren't really into the movie, dismissing it as "fine but forgettable," describing the comedy as "Paul Feig's B material," and snarking that the new Ghostbusters have no chemistry. Like a lot of fans of the classic Ghostbusters, they're also kind of frustrated by its connection (or lack thereof) to the original.

Most of all, they hate the new theme song. "I know a lot of us are divided over this film, but let's take a moment to agree on one thing that actually deserves all that hate: the Fall Out Boy cover song." As someone who liked Ghostbusters much more than Screen Junkies did, I've gotta say, I'm inclined to agree. That song was freakin' terrible.

But they save some of their harshest vitriol for the haters, using Donald Trump as an example of "people who like to yell hateful nonsense on the internet" and finishing up with an exasperated rant:

If something's lame, and it ain't that good, what you gonna do? Don't watch it! And don't waste your time trolling the cast just because they agreed to be in a bad movie. You hate it? Well, fine then! Go support something original, why don't you? Man, how did a Ghostbusters movie become the most political thing in America during an election year? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Indeed. Now let's all go back to arguing about more important things, like whether this Westworld fan theory is totally brilliant or absolutely bonkers.