VOTD: Dug The Talking Dog From Pixar's 'Up' In Real Life

Pixar's Up isn't really "realistic" in any sense, but don't you sometimes wish it were? Wouldn't it be kind of nice if we lived in a world where people really could float off to South America powered by a bouquet of balloons, or befriend a 13-foot-tall, chocolate-loving bird, or have an actual conversation with a dog?

Well, the first two of those wishes might be out of reach, but Disney made that last one come true for a new digital series called Disney IRL. In the first installment, unsuspecting park-goers get to meet a real-life Dug the Talking Dog thanks to the magic of hidden cameras and the services of Up voice actor Bob Peterson. Watch their charming encounters below. 

Disney IRL is billed as a digital series "which takes Disney stories and translates them into real-life experiences." I'm a curmudgeon, so I think this sounds like the kind of thing that could get real cloying real quick. But even I've got to admit "Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life" is pure adorableness. I love the kid who just yells "no!" when Dug explains that his collar allows him to talk, and the amused expression on that woman's face when she realizes she's been trying to explain cameras to a dog. Dug even gets in some snarky commentary about one guy's beard: "I thought I saw a squirrel on your face. But it was only fur!"

The only unhappy thing about that video is that Dug's adventures in real life eventually had to come to an end. But maybe you can take some consolation in the realization that people will apparently never, ever stop trying to make Up become real. We've heard of many people building or remodeling houses to look like Carl's from the film, and even about folks who've gone on balloon-powered flights inspired by the movie. Still others have modeled photo shoots based on Carl and Ellie's love story. At one point there was even a movie in the works about a real-life Up house in Seattle, though it's been a while since we got an update on that project.