'Captain America: Civil War' Visual Effects Reel Shows Off Black Panther's CG Suit & More

Just last week we learned that the suit that Chadwick Boseman wears as Black Panther was created entirely in post-production by visual effects. Directors Anthony & Joe Russo confirmed that the look they wanted the suit to have on camera simply wasn't possible to create practically without having a suit that would have been much more torturous than the suit that was worn on set (which was already rather inconvenient to wear, especially in the hot heat of Atlanta, Georgia where much of the movie was shot).

Now we can see how visual effects were used to bring Black Panther's suit to the big screen in the way that Anthony & Joe Russo wanted. A visual effects reel from the company Cinesite gives us a glimpse into the level of details that went into creating the suit, as well as Hydra's Siberian base where the other super soldiers were being stored, and the Spider-Man centric end credits scene.

Here's the Captain America Civil War visual effects breakdown from Cinesite:

The company specifically mentions the work that went into Black Panther's suit:

"The primary challenge in Cinesite's sequences of Black Panther shots was to completely replace the original practical suit, shot by shot, with a full CG rendition, to tighten folds in the material and create an overall metallic look.  In one Bucharest rooftop battle sequence, Cinesite executed a complete replacement of the live stunt performer."

Even seeing how some of these shots were completed with visual effects, that suit still looks practical in most shots. I'm glad Cinesite went out of their way to show us how they did this, especially so we know that it wasn't just Industrial Light & Magic that did work on Black Panther's suit.

For more on Cinesite's work on Captain America: Civil War, check out their official website.