The Best Movies Leaving Netflix In October 2016

While next month will see a number of great movies arriving on Netflix (in the United States), it will also see more than a few must-see films vanish. Here are the movies leaving Netflix in October 2016 that you need to catch before they're gone.

back to the future 4

The Back to the Future Trilogy

Listen, you should probably already own the Back to the Future trilogy, since it's easily one of the best film franchises ever made. But having it on Netflix is obviously super convenient so you can move from one film right into the other without having to get up out of that indentation on your couch. But if you've somehow avoided buying it because it's always on AMC or something like that, you've only got three more days to watch before it disappears on October 1st. So what are you waiting for, butthead?

the exorcist

The Exorcist (1973)

This movie scared the wits out of audiences back in 1973, because no one had ever seen something so terrifying brought to the big screen so effortlessly. If you watch it for the first time, you might not find it to be quite as scary since horror films today have gone above and beyond what used to scare people over 40 years ago. But this is the film that influences all those horror films you're watching today. It's the quintessential exorcism film, and it has one of the most terrifying performances by a child ever.

FOX just debuted a TV series adaptation of this classic horror movie last Friday, but since the network is notorious for canceling shows, no matter how good they might be, you may not want to get too attached if you enjoyed the pilot. You've got just enough time to watch this movie before the next episode airs since The Exorcist leaves on October 1st.



The late Robin Williams stars in a psychological crime thriller directed by Christopher Nolan with Al Pacino in hot pursuit. What else do you need to know? Plus, it's a remake, something that you wouldn't expect from a director who has such a penchant for original stories, even in his approach to The Dark Knight trilogy. Insomnia may be one of Nolan's less celebrated movies, but it's certainly a must-see, if only to see how Robin Williams and Al Pacino engage in a game of cat and mouse. The movie leaves Netflix on October 1st.

My Girl

My Girl

This coming-of-age dramedy will always have a special place in my heart, and if you've never seen it, you must watch before it leaves on October 1st. I didn't grow up as a little girl in the early 1970s, but you can't help but fall in love with Anna Chlumsky (who is now all grown up and starring on Veep) as the precocious, sassy Vada Sultenfuss. Macaulay Culkin plays her childhood best friend, Dan Aykroyd plays her father and Jamie Lee Curtis plays a woman who takes a job at the funeral parlor they live in, much to Vada's chagrin. They don't really make movies like this at major studios anymore, but I wish they did.

The Phantom

The Phantom

Look, I'll be the first to admit that this movie isn't very good. But the classic, hammy serial style of the action, acting, and story is what makes me love it. With flares of a lesser Dick Tracy or The Rocketeer, this comic book adaptation gives us Billy Zane in purple spandex, and he somehow fits into the role in the same way that Keanu Reeves perfectly plays Neo in The Matrix. Plus, you can't go wrong with Treat Williams playing the smarmy villain. The Phantom disappears from Netflix on October 1st.

The Truman Show - Jim Carrey

The Truman Show

Arguably Jim Carrey's best performance on the big screen, The Truman Show arrived when the actor was at the top of his comedy game. Best known for silly roles like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask and The Riddler in Batman Forver, Carrey was allowed to show a different side in The Truman Show, and he blew people away. It helps that the story was one that was ahead of its time, predicting a future when we would be obsessed with faux reality on television. Laura Linney and Ed Harris also turn in outstanding supporting performances in the Peter Weir-directed film. Catch it before it leaves on October 31st.


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My Girl

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The Phantom

Psych, seasons 1-­8

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