VOTD: What Makes A Good TV Show Title Sequence?

Right now we're in a new golden age of television where the programming that's on our screens at home, whether it's from networks, cable channels or streaming services, is some of the best quality storytelling right now. And a small part of what makes any television show memorable is a great opening title sequence.

A new video essay takes a look at some of the traits of great title sequences from shows such as Game of Thrones, True Detective, Mad Men, Dexter, Weeds and more, all of which create an ambiance that prepares you for the world you're about to enter. Within many of the best TV show title sequences lie visual metaphors and themes hinting at the characters and their stories.

This just goes to show you how much thought goes into something that could easily just be a mundane sequence of credits featuring the cast and crew of the show. Even something as simple as the opening title sequence for LOST holds meaning as the title only comes into perfect focus for a split second, appearing blurry the rest of the time it comes closer to the camera. The music surrounding it is ominous, the blackness surrounding the title hinting at the all of the unknown mysteries that surround the characters.

What's cool about a great title sequence is some of the subtle metaphors and themes won't even be understood until viewers have seen several episodes of the show. This makes me wonder just how involved the creator of any given TV show is when it comes to the title sequence, and just how much of the show the creator of any given title sequence is privy to in advance.