Cool Stuff: AT-AT Desk Organizer Has The Coolest Charging Cable Storage Ever

There is an endless array of Star Wars merchandise out there for you to put on your shelves, decorate your car, cook cheeseburgers with and pretty much anything you can think of. They're not all great items, but every now and then comes something that isn't just an easy cash grab with a logo slapped on it. Today we have one of those items.

Premium Bandai over in Japan has an incredible new desk organizer in the form of an AT-AT. As you can see in the picture above, it has some cool compartments in the body of the Imperial vehicle that obliterates the Rebel Alliance on the ground assault on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. But the real selling point is how it organizes a charging cable for your mobile devices.

Check out the AT-AT desk organizer after the jump.

Here's the AT-AT desk organizer from Premium Bandai (via io9):

Attaching your charging cable to a tiny Snowspeeder that wraps around the legs of the AT-AT? That's just brilliant. Honestly, if the AT-AT only offered that and didn't have the compartments for other office supplies, I'd probably still buy it. But then again, the desk organizer as it stands is still around $95, so I'm not entirely sure the novelty is worth the money. But it's fully poseable, and is at least somewhat functional, so some Star Wars fans might disagree.

The AT-AT desk organizer will be available starting in December, but it'll have to ship from Japan, so it might take awhile for you to get it.