'Shooting Clerks' Trailer: It's All About Making A Movie With Your Friends

A movie based on the making of Kevin Smith's Clerks has been in the works for the last few years. Crowdfunded and shot by indie filmmakers, Shooting Clerks is a narrative retelling of the true story of how "New Jersey convenience store clerk, Kevin Smith made his seminal film and the friends who aided him on his indie crusade." This is not a documentary but a scripted narrative movie. Auld Reekie Media had released a teaser trailer around the start of production last year, and now the final Shooting Clerks trailer has been released. Watch it now, after the jump.

Shooting Clerks Trailer

I really have a soft spot for Kevin Smith. He is part of the reason I'm here today writing about movies on a website I created eleven years ago. It was partly through Smith that I discovered the world of independent film, inspiring me to write and direct my own movie. And I still love his earlier films, and could listen to the guy talk for hours. Say what you will about his films, but the man is a natural storyteller.

If you've ever attended or watched one of his Q & A's, you will know Smith is an incredible wordsmith. And over the years he has crafted a fantastic story around his own life. I'm not saying it isn't true. I'm not saying it's embellished. I'm just saying that he has found a narrative and through telling the story, again and again, polished that narrative into an incredibly interesting origin story. And this film attempts to bring this origin story to life on the big screen.

The film is written and directed by Christopher Downie with the full approval and participation of Smith himself, who provides a cameo in the movie alongside some of the original cast/crew (some of which are seen in the above trailer or in the gallery below).

Interestingly the film appears to be shot in the same grungy style as the original 1994 film with the same level of acting talent. This is either a positive or negative depending on how you look at it. I am most disappointed that the actor that plays Smith doesn't seem to have the shame charm as the filmmaker he is portraying. I'm still interested in seeing this film when it hits VOD.

Shooting Clerks premiere

The trailer was released to celebrate and promote the premiere screenings. Shooting Clerks is set to make its world premiere in Smith's hometown of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, as well as Orlando Florida and New York.

Every ticket holder will receive a swag bag, filled with exclusive merch as well as the chance to win a set of prototype Shooting Clerks figures. Following a short introduction from the filmmakers and select cast, you will have the opportunity to see previous Kevin Smith biopic shorts 'Get Greedo' and 'Emo Kev' on the big screen for the first time. An exclusive, advanced screening of 'Emo Kev Rides Again', the prequel to Shooting Clerks, will follow, leading into the feature presentation. When the end credits roll, you can let rip and interrogate the cast and crew during a 30+ Q&A session. The festivities will conclude with a meet and greet in which you grab an autograph from your favorite Shooting Clerks star.

Here is a listing of special guests who will appear at the screenings:


Christopher Downie (Writer/Director), Brett Murray (Producer/Actor – Bryan), Jay Booton (Actor – Dave), Stephanie Price (Actor – Lisa), Ashley Graziano (Actor – Marilyn).


Special Guests: Christopher Downie (Writer/Director), Brett Murray (Producer/Actor – Bryan), Brian O'Halloran (Actor – Elis), Scott Schiaffo (Don), Ernie O'Donnell (Sergeant Svenning), Mike Belicose (Actor – Deputy Principal McNeil), Betsy Broussard (Actor – Sister Mary Rufus), Jay Booton (Actor – Dave), Stephanie Price (Actor – Lisa), Ashley Graziano (Actor – Marilyn), Kat Habrukowich (Actor – Narrator).