'Captain America: Civil War' Concept Art Features Alternate Scarlet Witch, Black Panther & More

Plenty editions of Superhero Bits recently have featured some concept art from Captain America: Civil War. Some of it showcases scenes that ended up in the movie while other pieces have revealed some alternate costume designs for some of The Avengers. Now a new batch of Captain America Civil War concept art has emerged online with both kinds of images.

Along with images of Captain America and Iron Man going at it, you'll also find different designs for Black Panther, Scarlet Witch and Vision, who gets some stylish wardrobe options to wear around The Avengers headquarters. Check out the gallery of new images after the jump.

Here's the Captain America: Civil War concept artwork sent over by Marvel:

This artwork emerges not long after Captain America: Civil War hit Blu-ray and DVD earlier this week, so it's the perfect time to take a look at what we could have seen in the final cut of the film if other artists had their designs chosen for the movie. Scarlet Witch looks rather different with an alternate jacket design, but it's the character's signature headband that makes all the difference. That's likely something fans would have liked to see in the movie, but it probably wouldn't have served a purpose beyond that.

As for Vision, as you can see there were some alternate designs for the character's street clothes that he wore around The Avengers facility. Though they ultimately went with the sweater and dress pants style, there are some pretty cool looking tie and jacket combinations there as well. But in the end, those would have probably been too formal for him to wear casually.

There are also some action sequences that we can see drawn out, from Bucky losing his metal arm to Captain America taking on Iron Man. We get a different look at Scarlet Witch picking up Crossbones with her telekinetic powers before causing the accident that sets the Sokovia Accords in motion. But the alternate stasis pods at the secret HYDRA facility housing more super soldiers look rather different from their final iteration, almost resembling the space jockey from Alien.

Personally, I'd like to see some of the concept art showing alternate designs for Spider-Man. We haven't seen much about how the character was developed for the movie, though one piece did hint that maybe Ant-Man could have gone to Team Iron Man if Spider-Man wasn't recruited by Tony Stark. Maybe more sneak peeks will surfaced as time goes on.