'What We Do In The Shadows' Spinoff Still In The Works; 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' Follow-Up Also Possible?

Taika Waititi is currently tied up in the Marvel universe for Thor: Ragnarok, but he hasn't forgotten about some of the other, non-superheroic projects he's got on his back burner. Like We're Wolves, the proposed What We Do in the Shadows spinoff/sequel. The filmmaker confirmed "it's still in the works," though he cautioned it'll probably be a while before we actually get to see it.

In the meantime, you can check out his latest feature Hunt for the Wilderpeople, now out on VOD. And if you like it, there could be more where that came from. Waititi suggests the possibility of another adventure featuring Hec (Sam Neill) and Ricky (Julian Dennison), though it doesn't exactly sound like a sure thing at this point. 

Waititi gave a status update on We're Wolves to IGN:

It's still in the works. But the Jemaine [Clement] and Taika works is a very long and slow machine – we put an idea in one end, and it takes about six years to come out the other end. And sometimes it doesn't even come out. And sometimes it comes out as a different idea. So we've out the idea of We're Wolves into the machine, and it's now slowly going through the sausage maker. So in a couple of years I think it will come out as a script and we'll shoot that. Or maybe it will just come out as some t-shirts.

Waititi seems to be taking things slow with We're Wolves, and it's tough to blame him. He's deep into production on Thor: Ragnarok, which doesn't even open for another year, so it's understandable if he doesn't seem eager to dive into another project just yet. But we'll be here waiting whenever he gets around to it.

Earlier this year Waititi revealed We're Wolves would center around the "werewolves not swearwolves" we met in the first film, and more specifically on pack leader Anton (Rhys Darby) and new guy Stu (Stuart Rutherford). "It would basically be Rhys and Stu vying for position as the alpha male in the werewolf gang," he said. However, it sounds like there's a good chance that premise will evolve and change before it hits the big screen.

As for Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Waititi indicated he hasn't ruled out the possibility of a spinoff. "I might revisit – I like the idea of doing something else with them," he said. "But also I get bored of doing the same thing again. I just get bored." Waititi didn't offer any concrete details about the possible Wilderpeople follow-up, but added, "Maybe I'll just go out into the wilderness with Sam and Julian again for two months."