Full Length 'Guardians' Trailer: See More Of Russia's Mightiest Heroes

Next year, we'll see an original superhero pic titled Guardians (foreign title "Zaschitniki") from Russia and director Sarik Andreasyan's (American Heist) about a team of Soviet superheroes. This group of heroes includes a man who can levitate rocks, a deadly teleporter who uses two scythes (pictured above), a woman who can become invisible and manipulate water, and a beefy bear-man with a huge gun. We saw a trailer for Guardians last month, but another preview was recently released.

Below, watch the new Guardians trailer and other footage from the film.

Sarik Andreasyan's superhero pic stars Sebastien Sisak, Anton Pampuchniy, Sanzhar Madiev, Valeria ShkirandoAlina Lanina, and Stanislav Shirin. Set during the Cold War, a secret organization called Patriot forms a genetically-altered team of heroes to defend the homeland from supernatural threats. Each member of the team represents different nationalities of the Soviet Union, and they all come together to stop a supervillain who's shut down all machinery and likely intends on taking over the world.

Guardians Trailer

Here's another Guardians trailer, which is slightly more serious in tone than the trailer we saw last month:

Guardians opens in Russia next February, and it's expected to open stateside sometime next year. Before Guardians even reaches cinemas, though, a sequel is already being planned. Chinese distributor Turbo Films didn't only agree to release Guardians, but they also signed up to co-produce its sequel with the Russian production company Enjoy Movies (gotta love that name). Next year, Guardians is one of the 34 foreign movies China will play in their theaters next year.

The film cost around $330 million Rubles, which is around $20M U.S. dollars. While the effects don't exactly look top-dollar, they don't look bad either. When it comes to scale, Guardians looks relatively restrained — or cheap, if you want to call it that — and maybe it'll be refreshing seeing heroes involved in small-scale action instead of running around as cities are crumbling.

Weirdly, there's a ton of footage from Guardians online, including this other trailer that's more of a clip, highlighting a set piece that calls to mind a few sequences from the X-Men franchise:

If you still need to see more from Guardians, someone compiled footage from the marketing materials for the film and cut together this extended preview, which features some behind-the-scenes footage. Around the 5:24 more, you also get a better explanation for who these characters are and what they're capable of: