'Captain America: Civil War' Honest Trailer: This Is What Happens When Your Villains Kinda Suck

This week brought Captain America: Civil War to Blu-ray and DVD, which means Marvel's hit summer blockbuster is ready to get the Honest Trailer treatment.

While the idea of having The Avengers be their own villains seems like a big deal, let's not forget that these superheroes have fought each other plenty of times before. And as the mockery of Marvel's latest action extravaganza points out, that's what happens when most of your villains kinda suck.

Watch the Captain America Civil War Honest Trailer after the jump.

This is a pretty solid entry in the Honest Trailers library. The breakdown of Baron Zemo's intricate plan reminds us that his scheme was no less unnecessarily complex than Lex Luthor's plan to deal with the Man of Steel in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Though I will say there's something about the presentation of Zemo's that feels much less outlandish in the end, both plans are overly complicated for no good reason. In the end, both movies aren't all that dissimilar, but one just ended up being liked more by critics and general audiences alike.

But the best part of this video is the roll call for Team Captain America and Team Iron Man, pointing out all quirks that each of the teams have, including the greatest love story of the film that exists between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. I can't even imagine the kind of glee that would erupt on Tumblr if Marvel ever decided to have Captain America and The Winter Soldier fall in love. The internet would probably just shut down for a couple days to recover.

Captain America: Civil War is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, so buy it already and rewatch that airport scene.