James Gunn Responds To Steven Tyler's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Begging

If you ever want to have a chance of begging your way into the cast of a Marvel movie, here's what you have to do. Step one: go back in time and start a rock band. Step two: be good enough at the rock band thing to become really famous and have a number of hits that solidify your legacy long after your popularity begins its natural decline. Step three: have a daughter who decides to be an actress and works with the director of that Marvel movie on an earlier project.. Step four: ask for a role that Marvel movie in the press. Step five: wait for that director to respond to your request on social media. Profit!

And this brings us to chapter two of the "Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Really Wants a Role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," a tale that will live on for generations to come.

This saga began just a few days ago, when Steven Tyler took time in the middle of an interview to ask director James Gunn for a role in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie:

I would do anything to be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 – are you listening James Gunn?

That's a difficult task because Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 only recently finished filming and won't even hit theaters until next summer. If there's a third movie (and this is Marvel Studios, so go ahead and put your chips on another one existing), it won't even hit theaters until 2020 or so.

But James Gunn, being the good sport that he is, responded to Tyler's request in a Facebook Q&A (via The Wrap), offering the kind of non-answer that the Marvel folks have gotten so very good at. Seriously, only people tethered to Star Wars are better at deftly dodging queries. Here you go:

Yes, I did hear that Steven Tyler wants to be in Guardians of the Galaxy. He gave me a shout-out the other day in an interview. He said, 'James Gunn are you listening?' The answer is: Steven, yes I am listening. And I'm a big fan of Steven Tyler's. I had the pleasure of directing his daughter Liv in a movie ["Super" in 2010] in which she was fantastic, and I met him for a few seconds at a screening of that movie. He's a cool guy. And of course I would love to work with Steven Tyler sometime.

In addition to having worked with James Gunn on Super, Liv Tyler is also an oft-forgotten member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having played Betty Ross in 2008's The Incredible Hulk (the redheaded stepchild of the MCU). Break out that trivia the next time you're on a bad date.

There's no real story here, but it's certainly a fun interaction. Plus, it's easy to imagine Tyler making a brief cameo in a future Guardians adventure, playing some kind of wacky alien hanging out in the background of a noisy intergalactic nightclub or something. Hey, if Keith Richards can play a pirate...