Peter Berg Wants To Make 'The Rundown 2' With Jonah Hill

Fans of The Rundown have had their hearts played with more than once over the past few years. Ever since it was first talked about, a sequel to Peter Berg's excellent popcorn movie has almost sounded too good to be true. There's never been any concrete news to make us think we'll see Beck (Johnson) go on another adventure. That's still the case, but at least Peter Berg remains interested in directing a sequel, especially if it co-stars Jonah Hill.

Below, read what Berg said about The Rundown sequel.

If you're still wondering if Beck (Johnson) ever made it big as a chef, you may still find out one day. While promoting his latest film Deepwater Horizon, Collider asked Berg for an update on the sequel. He hasn't forgotten about the project, which at one point he wanted Kevin Hart to star in:

We've been talking about it. You know, I wanted to do it with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. If I could get Jonah Hill, I'd do it tomorrow. If I could get Dwayne and Jonah Hill, I'd do it tomorrow.

Berg added the sequel comes down to scheduling. Considering Dwayne Johnson is busier than God these days, it's hard to imagine The Rundown 2 happening anytime soon, but we'll see:

Anything's possible. We want to do it, it's just hard to get everybody, you know. It's on our minds. We actually wrote a script. But I want Jonah Hill, so reach out to Jonah. Pressure Jonah to do it. If Jonah Hill would do it, I'm in.

Why Berg is so deadset on Jonah Hill co-starring in The Rundown 2 is unclear. Whether the director has even discussed the project at length with the War Dogs actor is also unclear, but the possibilities of Johnson and Hill teaming up for a buddy action-comedy — and not just any buddy action-comedy but The Rundown 2 – are undeniable. In that regard, it's easy to see why Berg is adamant about having Hill star in The Rundown 2.

The first film wasn't a huge box-office hit, but after hitting home video, it managed to find a passionate audience that fully appreciates its undeniable charms. A few years ago, maybe a sequel to The Rundown didn't scream box-office smash to Universal. Fast forward a few years, though, and Johnson's star has only managed to shine brighter. A sequel starring him and Hill would most likely attract a larger audience than the original film.