VOTD: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Without Visual Effects Is Still One Hell Of A Ride

There is no doubt that Mad Max: Fury Road was not only one of the best blockbusters of last year, but one of the best films of 2015 in general. George Miller crafted a sequel that was simple yet riveting, seamlessly combining digital and practical effects to create some of the best action the big screen has ever seen. And what's truly impressive is that even without the visual effects to enhance the film, the footage from production is still absolutely epic.

A new video has surfaced online featuring a slew of raw footage from pre-production and behind the scenes shows that the action from Mad Max: Fury Road still rivals most blockbusters even when it's not finished. In the footage after the jump, there are no digital enhancements or computer generated effects used at all. Watch the footage from Mad Max Fury Road without visual effects and try not to get too pumped.

Here's the awesome "Crash & Smash" video from space150, on behalf of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment:

Some behind the scenes footage from Max Max: Fury Road has been seen online before, but it's never been edited together like this. From real practical explosions to some bold and daring stuntmen, it's clear that some extremely impressive stuff was done on the set of this hit sequel. Who knows how many vehicles were wrecked during this production, but they clearly smashed plenty of them to bits. Some of this footage barely had to be enhanced with digital effects to make it work.

If you're curious how visual effects added to this footage and created the movie we all (hopefully) saw in theaters, be sure to check out some of the previously release visual effects breakdowns for the movie right here and over here.