Watch A 'Morgan' Trailer Created With The Help Of IBM's Super Computer Watson

Since Morgan is all about a synthetically created human evolving faster than imagined and turning on its creators, it only makes sense that 20th Century Fox wanted to bring some of the more advanced intelligent creations that humanity has brought into this world with technology.

We've already seen what happens with artificially intelligent robots watch the trailer for Morgan, but what happens when IBM's advanced learning machine known as Watson (the one that dominated Jeopardy!) is tasked with helping create a movie trailer for the sci-fi thriller? See how Watson fared with its selection of clips that were assembled into a trailer after the jump.

Here's the Morgan trailer created by a computer from 20th Century Fox:

As you can see, the trailer takes up the first minute of the above video, and it's not that great. The clips chosen aren't really the best representation of the movie, and the way they're edited together (which was done by a person and not a computer) is about the best that can be done with the clips provided.

Thankfully, the clip explains why Watson chose the clips that it did for the trailer. The process involved the IBM Research system analyzing hundreds of horror and thriller movie trailers to figure out what kind of footage, sounds and more were used to captivate and scare audiences. After that the system picked 10 moments for a trailer which were assembled by a human into what we see above.

The good news it that it doesn't look like computers will be replacing filmmakers or editors anytime soon, but if you want to know more about the process of how this was accomplished, check out a full write-up over here.

Morgan arrives in theaters this weekend.