LOL: John Oliver Pitches His Own Superhero Movie, 'Johnny Strong'

At this point, even the most devoted comic book fan might be getting tired of DC and Marvel movies. This month's Suicide Squad was the fifth such film this year, following X-Men: ApocalypseCaptain America: Civil WarBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Deadpool, and we've still got Doctor Strange coming this fall. Fortunately, John Oliver is here to help.

In a web exclusive video for Last Week Tonight, Oliver empathizes with your exhaustion and suggests the solution might be... another superhero movie. Specifically, his own superhero movie, Johnny Strong, based on a character he created in fifth grade. I'm not sure this is actually the best way to combat superhero movie fatigue, but not gonna lie, I would watch the crap out of a superhero movie starring John Oliver. Watch the John Oliver superhero movie pitch below. 

As explained by Oliver, by day Johnny Strong is "a mild-mannered fifth-grader named John Olivier" — "no relation," he hastens to add — "but from the time school lets out until dinner, he becomes the, let's say, unconventionally handsome hero, Johnny Strong." And who is Johnny Strong? "Johnny Strong is a kick-ass hero with a bad attitude. He's seen a boob and he knows the f-word is." Our fearless young hero battles such villains as Doc Bedtime and Mrs. Thomas the Clarinet Teacher, and his very first issue finds himself up against a terrifying mutant beast that looks and acts an awful lot like an ordinary housecat.

The odds seeing an actual Johnny Strong movie in the near future seem pretty slim, seeing as all the major studios seem to have their superhero movie slates mapped out for the next several years. But if no one's going to make the Johnny Strong feature, maybe we could settle for giving Oliver his own superhero movie review web series. Because as adorable as Johnny Strong is, what really makes this segment is Oliver's tossed-off descriptions of the superhero movies we've already seen this year, from Mean Spider-Man (a.k.a. Deadpool) to Sad Man vs. Super-Sad Man (Batman v Superman) to The Insane Clown Posse Takes Manhattan (Suicide Squad). I liked all of those movies, but he's not wrong.